7 Tips to Get Rid of the Stinky Dog Odor at Home

7 Tips to Get Rid of the Stinky Dog Odor at Home

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Being a dog owner means dealing with some stinky dog odors. That is just a fact, and there is no going around it. However, if you don’t want that, some dog breeds produce less odor. These are small companion breeds like the Havanese, Maltese, or Yorkie Terrier. However, most other popular dogs like the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, or German Shepherds will produce some type of smelly dog odor.

No one wants to live in a stinky home, and dog owners rarely even notice the smell. We can quickly get used to it, and it doesn’t bother us that much. It is mostly a problem when other people come over. The good news is that you can get rid of the dog smell, but it will require some effort.

Here are 7 tips and tricks to get rid of the stinky dog smell at your home;

1. Dog bed maintenance

The first thing you should think about is keeping your dog’s bed clean. It doesn’t matter if it is in a crate or just a solo-standing dog bed; you should wash it regularly. Dog beds can be full of urine, saliva, dog hair, dander, and other things that can quickly stink up your home. Dog beds are usually the stinkiest items in your home, and you must pick the right material. When picking a dog bed, make sure you choose one that is machine washable. It would be best to get a dog bed that has washable memory foam as well.

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2. Vacuuming

We cannot stress enough how vital vacuuming is. If you are a dog owner or looking into becoming one, you should get familiar with your vacuum cleaner. Carpets and rugs can hold a tremendous amount of hair, dirt, and stains that cause an unpleasant odor. You should make a vacuuming schedule and stick to it. Personally, we vacuum our home three times a week just to keep it hair-free, and honestly, there is still hair everywhere. Dealing with loose dog hair is just something dog owners have to do; there is no going around it. Breeds like Siberian Husky or Golden Retriever can leave a crazy amount of hair. The only way to deal with the hair is to vacuum regularly. You can check out the best vacuum cleaners here - The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair.


3. Cleaning hard floors

Dog hair is not the only thing you have to clean to get rid of the smelly dog odor - you have to get rid of dander as well. Dander is incredibly light, like dust. When you clean it, you have to be gentle, or you will end up just spreading it across your home. Swipe gently, and push the dander, dirt, and hair into the garbage. After sweeping, make sure you mop the hard floors. Mopping will make sure you get everything you might have missed during sweeping. Make sure you use pet-safe floor cleaners that don’t contain harmful chemicals that will cause your dog harm.

PRO TIP: Dealing and potty training puppies can be challenging and take time. If you want your rugs and carpets to survive, you should get a dog-friendly carpet cleaning solution. It will remove the odor and prevent your dog from soiling the same place again.

4. Groom your dog

Dog grooming is essential for your dog’s health. It will prevent hot spots, skin issues, and dental problems. One of the best things about properly grooming your dog is the lack of smelly dog odor. If you regularly bathe your dog, they will smell nice and will not stink up your home. However, you cannot wash your dog too often, or you will strip the protective oils from their coats. However, you can brush your dog every day. You can control their shedding and the amount of hair they leave behind them. Pick a spot where you will brush your dog, and make sure you be thorough. Brushing will prevent loose hair from reaching all corners of your home. Here is an article that can help you pick some grooming tools - Shedding season must-haves.

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5. Air purifiers

One of your biggest allies in the fight to get rid of the stinky dog odor is an air purifier. It is a valuable tool that will suck in the stale air in your home, filter the particles, and blow out clean, pleasantly smelling air. The stinky dog odor means there are “stinky particles” in the air, and the best way to deal with them is by buying an air purifier. Modern purifiers have many options and features that will help keep your home smelling like a meadow in spring or the ocean breeze - whatever essential oil or smell you decide to get. You can read all about this tool here - The best air purifiers.

6. Identifying and dealing with problem areas

Most smelly dog odors at home result from a few problem areas that are difficult to get rid of. If you cleaned, vacuumed, mopped your home but the odor still remains, chances are you have a problem spot in your home. These are usually dog beds, crates, or particularly stinky pee stains on the carpet. Get your carpet cleaning solution and start rubbing. You can get the dog bed or rug to professional cleaners, and they will treat it with chemicals that will surely get rid of the stench. Another good idea is to get a blacklight and make your best impression of CSI. That will help you identify these problem areas, and you can really dig deep and clean them.

7. Furniture and potpourri

There is a chance your furniture soaked up some of that nasty smelly dog odor. If that happened, you would want to clean it and neutralize odors from your sofa or bed. Dogs are a part of the family, and you probably let your dog on the couch or the bed. However, that means you have to clean them thoroughly. Use your blacklight and examine the furniture for any hidden smelly spots hidden from the naked eye.

Between the cleaning, you can use potpourri, air fresheners, odor-neutralizing sprays, and scented candles whenever you can. They will help keep your home smelling fresh while you prepare for a thorough scrub. Just keep in mind to keep those things away from your dog. You don’t want to catch your dog nomming on potpourri.

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