Getting a dog can be difficult. In these fast-moving times, information and ads are available all around the world, and knowing the line that separates quality from substandard can be difficult. That problem is especially highlighted when you are looking for your new furry family member.

That is exactly where World Dog Finder can help. Our mission is to make finding the healthiest dogs from high-quality breeders easy. Most dog parents are not familiar with everything required to produce excellent, healthy dogs, so we have “herded” registered breeders in one place. If you prefer the dog adoption possibility, you can also find animal shelters with dogs that need new homes.

Why do we verify breeders?

All dog breeders registered on World Dog Finder have to go through a rigorous check and prove they are registered, responsible, and have excellent breeding practices. This is the best way to make sure your new dog will have the best possible start and not develop diseases that affect dogs with uncontrolled backgrounds and questionable pedigrees.

Future dog owners can easily find their new quality-bred dogs, but that’s not all. We have a team of experts from all aspects of dog ownership, from veterinarians to trainers and behaviorists, who are all here to provide the best and most recent information and news from the dog world. We can also help you find professionals close to you; you can find groomers, veterinarians, and trainers that would be more than happy to help you and your dog.

World Dog Finder is here to follow you from the moment you decide to get a dog. Throughout your dog’s life, we are here to assist you with advice, support, tips, product reviews, and news from the amazing dog world.

We are a team of dog owners, so we know that dogs are not only pets - they are family members.


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