World Dog Finder is a service dedicated to helping responsible breeders find a new and happy home for their puppies and giving animal shelters a better chance of finding new families for their residents.

World Dog Finder will let you create your personal profile and connect you to the world of dog lovers looking for their perfect buddy.

Through interesting articles and daily fun facts, World Dog Finder provides education for breeders, animal shelters and new dog owners, ensuring that everybody who is lucky enough to live with a dog is well informed about what to expect, what to do and especially what not to do in order to make your best buddy happy, healthy and safe.


By posting pictures of your puppies, junior or senior dogs, your potential buyers can find out more about your kennel's history and achievements. Also, they can get all the necessary information on how to raise a purebred dog. On your World Dog Finder profile, you can show people where your kennel is located and whether you are able to ship a puppy to their location/home. You can find dog breeds that are recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and the AKC (American Kennel Club) and pick breeds that you breed. 

People interested in buying a puppy from your kennel can contact you directly and you can arrange the details. After purchasing a dog, the buyer can leave a comment on your profile on how happy they are with your litter/puppy.

The important thing to know is that public communication between breeders and buyers is supervised by administrators, so if you get an unfair rating/review, we can help you set things straight.

The more positive comments you get on your profile, the more likely you are to find new customers.

We are here to ensure that breeders with the best reviews are ranked the highest among all breeders, which will help them find new customers quickly and more easily.

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World Dog Finder will help you find people who are interested in adopting a dog so we can find a new home for as many of them as we possibly can.

Knowing that no shelter will ever turn its back on an animal in need, we are here to help find a new home for every rescue dog, even those who are not in perfect health, elderly or behaviorally troubled.

On your World Dog Finder profile, you can post pictures of rescue dogs and write descriptions about them and people will contact you to get further information about a dog they like.

Registration on the World Dog Finder page is completely free. The page gives you the opportunity to post pictures and information about your dogs without charge (as much as you want to). You can register here.


If you are someone looking to buy or to adopt a dog, this website is an essential part of the process. 

In order to buy or adopt a dog, to leave a comment on someone's profile, you have to sign in to our website, which only takes a few minutes. After signing in, you have the freedom to explore our website, look through breeders or shelters profiles, comment on their dogs and contact them if you see a dog you would like to become your best friend. With our help, you can choose a dog from all over the world and we will connect you with the breeder/shelter in which you have found your perfect buddy.

To ensure that the dog you are buying is perfectly healthy, we only work with authorized and responsible breeders and regularly check all data to reduce the possibility of any unauthorized breeder signing into our website.

Our main idea is to eradicate puppy mills, uncontrolled selling or even trafficking of dogs and also to warn people about sub-par conditions in kennels that put profit above the welfare of dogs.

If you are not looking to buy a purebred and you want to adopt a rescue dog (which we highly recommend), this website allows you to choose between numbers of dogs waiting to be properly loved.

Rescue shelters often house dogs of all ages and genders, as well as purebreds and mixed breeds of all kinds.

Overburdened shelters take in millions of stray, abused and lost animals every year, and by adopting one of them, you are making a big difference. You are giving an animal a second chance in life.


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World Dog Finder team