Do Yorkies Shed or Are They Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Do Yorkies Shed or Are They Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 16 2023


Yorkies are one of the most popular small dogs in the world. Owners are drawn to their huge personalities and dashing looks. If you started looking a bit deeper into this breed, you might have come across some confusing information about Yorkie’s hair and coat. Some sources say these dogs don’t shed, but the truth is - Yorkies do shed.

One of the defining and most attractive characteristics of these dogs is their silky smooth coat. If you ever had a chance to come across a Yorkshire Terrier with long hair, you probably noticed how gorgeous they look. Most of us have questions about their coats and how much work their owners have to put into grooming to keep their dogs looking their best. The second question is usually, “How much do Yorkies shed?” Here is what you should know about these dogs and shedding.

Do Yorkies actually shed?

If you started reading about these dogs, there are some sources or dog owners that claim Yorkies don’t shed and they are considered a hypoallergenic dog breed. There is some truth to it, and we will unravel the actual truth behind these statements. What you need to know is - these dogs indeed shed; however, not nearly as much as a Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky.

These dogs don’t shed much

All dogs with hair will shed their coat. The only difference is how much of it they will shed. Yorkshire Terriers don’t have a double coat, which means no undercoat needs to be blown off. These dogs have a single, soft, silky coat which is certainly one of their most attractive qualities.

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One of the things why dog owners love Yorkies is because they are a low-shedding breed. These dogs shed, but the amount of hair they leave behind them is minimal. Yorkies are very clean and neat, and these dogs will not require you to vacuum your home three times a week to keep it hair-free.

These dogs are hypoallergenic

This is another popular statement that is often taken out of context. The first thing you need to know is - there are no true hypoallergenic dog breeds. Dog hair is not the only allergen dogs produce. Their saliva contains enzymes we can be allergic to. All dogs produce dandruff that can cause us to have an allergic reaction.

However, in terms of hypoallergenic breeds, Yorkies come very close. They rarely have dandruff, and they don’t produce much of the most common dog allergens - dog hair. That is why owners and the general public believe these dogs are hypoallergenic, which begs the question, “Do Yorkies shed?”

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Keeping a Yorkies coat healthy

Despite Yorkie’s low shedding characteristics, they are not considered a low-maintenance dog breed. These small dogs will still require a fair amount of grooming and effort to be happy and healthy. If you are interested in getting a show-quality Yorkie, you will have to invest plenty of your time in keeping their coat at its best.

1. Brushing

Dogs that are heavy shedders, like the Akita or an Alaskan Malamute, need brushing to help them blow out their entire undercoat. Brushing will help their owners keep their home clean because the mess a heavy shedding dog can make is incredible. However, these dogs shed significantly less than those breeds, but they will require the same amount of brushing.

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Yorkie’s silky coat might not shed so much, but it can easily get matted and tangled. Their owners need to make sure that their dogs have well-groomed coats that are tangle-free and healthy. A tangled coat creates pockets that will trap moisture and create perfect conditions for skin issues.

Bacteria and yeast love these dark, moist places where they can thrive and reproduce safely. If you are a Yorkie owner or looking to become one, make sure you have enough time to spend brushing your dog’s coat.

2. Bathing

The second thing you must do as a Yorkie owner is - bathe your dog. Luckily, these dogs are relatively clean, but they are still Terriers. Terriers are active, energetic, and brave, so don’t be surprised if your dog gets into all sorts of trouble. These days, these dogs are mostly show dogs, but they were originally kept as vermin control.

It would be impossible to perform that job without a decent amount of feistiness. These dogs will require regular baths, and you should use special dog shampoos that will keep their attractive coats in the best shape possible.

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What if my dog started shedding?

By now, we have established Yorkies should not shed too much. Losing some hair every now and again is expected, but what if your dog starts shedding suddenly? Yorkie owners that are not sure what is happening can become worried, and losing too much hair can be a sign of health issues. Here are some potential reasons these dogs can start shedding;

  • Heat or pregnancy - Female Yorkies that come into their heat cycle can suddenly start shedding. The hormones will influence their coat’s quality and consistency, so don’t be surprised if your dog starts shedding during heat or pregnancy.
  • Allergies - One of the possible reasons these dogs shed is allergies. Dogs can be allergic to things in their environment, cleaning supplies, food, pollen, or parasites. Make sure you check your dog for other signs of allergies like redness, itching, or swelling.
  • Parasites - Dogs with internal parasites can have a poor-quality coat. One of the effects parasites like hookworms or roundworms have on the dog’s body is poor coat quality.
  • Disease - Certain diseases can affect the quality of the dog’s coat. If you notice your dog shedding, make sure you take them to the vet and check for rare conditions like Cushing’s disease.
  • Lack of grooming - If you don’t pay enough attention to your dog’s coat, there is a chance they can start shedding. Make sure you have enough time to keep your dog’s coat in the best possible condition. You can read more about the importance of grooming here - Why is grooming important?

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