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Yorkshire Terrier

Last updated: Aug 31 2023

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dogs in the world. His characteristic makes it ideal for apartment living. They are small-sized but with a big personality. Often called Yorkie, this is an affectionate dog with a long silky coat. Because of their small size, when they travel, they often travel with style - in special dog purses.

If you are a fan of this dog breed and are interested in finding the perfect puppy for you before you start searching Yorkie breeders, we advise you to do the research and get to know everything there is about this breed because they may be small dogs, but you will still need to put in the time and work to properly raise your dog.

These dogs have an inquisitive temperament and tough-minded personality. They are not best suited for families with small children or toddlers.

Yorkshire Terrier


7-8 in (17-20 cm)

Yorkshire Terrier


7 lb (3,2 kg)

Yorkshire Terrier


Great Britain

Yorkshire Terrier

Life Expectancy:

11-15 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

Energy Level
Grooming Needs
Exercise Needs
Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
General Health

They are lively dogs with small black noses and back eyes, V-shaped ears, and very long hair that should be tied so it won't get dirty when feeding the dog and that his vision is clear as possible.

yorkie terrier

Coat and grooming

The Yorkshire Terrier coat is long, silky, and straight. The coat sheds very little, so these dogs are considered a good choice for people with allergies. Yorkies are born with black fur, and they gradually develop blue and tan coats, usually after they're a year old. 

FUN FACT: The hormones can also affect your Yorkie’s coat color. Females in heat are usually lighter during the heat, then darken again afterward.

Although they don’t shed a lot, they require daily brushing (especially show dogs that have longer hair) because the texture of their coat is similar to the texture of human hair and thus tangles into knots if the owner doesn’t brush it every day. Shorter coats are easier to maintain, so many owners opt for a “puppy cut”.

Yorkshire Terrier

This means that they cut the entire Yorkie’s hair to an even length. Many of them leave long hair only on the top of Yorkie’s hair (often pulled up into a topknot) and this is one of their main characteristics. The rest is basic care – trim the dog’s nails regularly, and every few days check his ears for any sign of infection.

Dental problems

Also, this is a small breed, and small breeds are prone to dental problems. This is why you should pay special attention to your Yorkie’s teeth and should schedule a professional cleaning by your vet at least once a year.   

They have a small jaw, and because of that, their teeth can become crowded. There is a possibility that many of their teeth do not fall out naturally. Because of crowded teeth, food and plaque can start to build up, and eventually, bacteria can develop on the surface of the teeth.

Yorkshire Terrier

Not only that bacteria can cause periodontal disease, but also it can spread to other parts of the body and, with that, cause heart and kidney problems. With regular brushing, you can be sure that your dogs' teeth are healthy and bacteria-free. In some cases, your dog will need professional teeth cleaning by a veterinarian. 


Yorkshire Terriers are lovely, curious dogs, always ready for an adventure. They are highly energetic, but indoor activities can satisfy their exercise needs in great amounts. A couple of moderate walks during the day or a session of chasing after a tennis ball will probably be enough for these dogs to burn off energy.

The Yorkshire Terriers are maybe small-sized dogs, but they will often try to take down a much larger dog. They are extremely self-assured and brave and they even earned the nickname “the tomboy toy”.

Yorkies make great apartment dogs and should never live outside. They are sensitive to cold and are prone to chills so they should always be protected from bad weather. They don’t tolerate extreme heat either.

FUN FACT: Yorkshire Terriers are difficult to housetrain so a lot of patience for the owner is needed.

yorkshire terrier running

Training and socialization

Early training and proper socialization are very important. Socialization will help keep their “big personality” from getting out of control. Training needs to be regular and filled with positive praise. Most Yorkies are easy to train because they just love the attention they get during the training.

Generally, they love being the center of attention. Being left alone is not for them – they may develop some bad habits or become destructive.

Yorkie - kids and other animals

Yorkies love their family and are eager to please them. They are not recommended for families with young children because of their size. They are small-sized and very delicate. A child can squeeze a dog too hard, accidentally step or fall on a dog and break him.

Yorkshire Terrier

They get along with other pets if they have been properly socialized at an early age. Sometimes, their “big dog in a small body” state of mind makes them aggressive towards strange dogs, often, those are much bigger dogs. Of strangers, these dogs are sometimes suspicious, and they will bark at any new, strange sound or sight. They are prone to excessive barking so it is important to teach them immediately when and when not to bark.

Teacup Yorkies

This is a smaller version of Yorkshire Terriers. This is not an official dog breed and none of the kennel club and cynological associations acknowledge Teacup Yorkies as a variation of the breed. Mostly they are bred because of their cute looks, and this practice is not encouraged by official and responsible breeders.

Because these dogs are so small there is a great risk for mothers during pregnancy because most of the litters are born with cesarean section. All these puppies, in most cases, have serious health problems and if you are interested in getting Teacup Yorkie, we advise you to think again because you can only find these dogs from unofficial and irresponsible breeders.

yorkie with a toy

Yorkshire Terrier vs Silky Terrier

Although they are very similar dogs, they are two separate dog breeds. They do have a few similarities, but mostly they differ from each other. Both have a straight coat, but the Yorkie coat is trimmed, and it should reach the floor, while the Silky coat shouldn’t be that long.

They are similar in size but Silky Terrier is more muscular because they can weigh from 4-5 kilograms (10-11 pounds) compared to Yorkie's 3,2 kilograms (7 pounds).

Health problems

The Yorkshire Terrier has a lifespan of 11-15 years. As all breeds are, this one is also prone to certain health conditions.

Yorkshire Terrier

These health conditions are:

  • patellar luxation (dislocation of a kneecap),
  • progressive retinal atrophy (a degenerative eye disorder),
  • portosystemic shunt (an abnormal flow of blood between the liver and the body),
  • hypoglycemia (caused by low blood sugar),
  • collapsed trachea,
  • reverse sneezing, etc.

Reverse sneezing is a condition that is often confused with a collapsed trachea. Collapsed trachea is a congenital abnormality and a common cause of airway obstruction. Reverse sneezing, on the other hand, is a far less serious condition that happens usually when a dog is too excited or tries to eat and/or drink too fast and then inhales repeatedly and forcefully through the nose, making a loud, honking sound.

Yorkshire terrier breeders

These are very popular dogs, and because of that fact, many unregistered breeders just wanted to make money without caring for puppies well being, their temperament, health, and appearance. When searching for Yorkie breeders, always be careful.

Ask the breeder all the questions you would like to know about this dog. Most of the official and responsible breeders will welcome your questions and will try to help you find your perfect puppy. If you find a puppy that you like always ask the breeder to show you the health certificates of his breeding dogs and also always see the puppy in person if it's possible.

Yorkshire Terrier

When buying a dog from a responsible and recognized breeder, you might pay more money, but you can be sure that your dog will have the proper temperament and physical appearance by which this dog breed is known. Also, with responsible breeding, all inherited diseases shouldn’t appear in puppies.

These dogs are a great choice for apartment living and that is one of the main reasons why so many people choose this dog breed. They don’t need a lot of space and they don’t shed a lot. Yorkies are very playful and energetic dogs that are very loyal and attached to their owner. They are adaptable to various situations and environments. They will impress everyone with their character and that is why they are one of the favorite dog breeds in the world today.


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Updated at31.08.2023.

Breed History

The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy-size breed that originated in England's Yorkshire area during the mid-1800s. These dogs started as ratters in Yorkshire mills and mines during the Industrial Revolution and today are one of the most popular companion dogs. The original Yorkshire terriers were a bit larger than those of today but still small enough to get into holes and catch rodents.

During the Victorian era, Yorkies became extremely popular among royalty. They became a symbol of wealth.

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs were registered in the British Kennel Club studbook for the first time in 1874, and the first Yorkshire Terrier club in England was formed in 1898.

FUN FACT: In World War II, a noble Yorkie named Smoky was a war hero because she saved the lives of soldiers by dragging a communications cable through a 60-foot-long culvert that was only 8 inches wide. If you want to read about Smoky’s life and heroic act, you can read a book written by her owner, Corporal William A. Wynne. The book is called Yorkie Doodle Dandy. Smoky also worked as a therapy dog and as an actress in various TV shows.