Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier is a clever and friendly dog full of personality originally bred for hunting vermin. They are great for work but also loveable family pets that will enjoy spending time with his family. Compared to other terrier dog breed Cesky terriers are a bit mellower. This dog is also called Bohemian Terrier.

FUN FACT: Cesky Terrier is a national dog of the Czech Republic.

These dogs will without a problem protect their family. They can be wary of strangers which makes them great guard dogs. At home, Cesky Terrier will be a nice and calm dog and it will be a pleasure to have this dog around.

Cesky Terrier


10-13 in (25-33 cm)

Cesky Terrier


14-24 lb (6-11 kg)

Cesky Terrier


Czech Republic

Cesky Terrier

Life Expectancy:

12-15 years

Breed History

The development of Cesky Terriers is mostly prescribed to one man – Frantisek Horak, a Czech breeder, and a sportsman. His vision was to create a dog who could hunt rats like real terriers, hunt in packs like a hound for bigger games, and also be a great family companion.

For the creation of these dogs, Horak used Scottish and Sealyham terriers.

Cesky Terriers were imported into the US by the end of 1980s and the AKC officially recognized this dog breed in 2011.

Dog Breed Characteristics

Energy Level
Grooming Needs
Exercise Needs
Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
General Health

FCI Standard

  • Group 3 Terriers. Section 2 Small-sized Terriers. Without working trial.
  • Height at withers between 10-13 in (25-33 cm) Ideal size for a male = 11.4 in (29 cm), for female =10.6 in (27 cm)
  • The weight must not be less than 14 lb (6 kg) and more than 22 lb (10 kg)

cesky terrier


Taking care of Cesky terrier dogs is a huge job. Most of the terrier breed must be hand stripped but that is not the case with these dogs. The body of these dogs is clipped. It is advised that you let professionals do the job. If you don't know how to find a good groomer you can always ask the breeder for a recommendation.

Their coat doesn't shed and that means that they require a frequent bath to keep them clean.

Cesky Terrier coat colors:

  • Any shade of gray ranging from charcoal to platinum grey

FUN FACT: All Cesky terrier puppies are born completely black or brown.

General care

These dogs also require general care for them to look good. Trim their nails regularly, brush their teeth to prevent gum diseases, and weekly check their ears for any sign of redness, bad odor, or wax build-up which can indicate an infection. These dogs grow a lot of hair in their ears and you will have to take care of them because that can also trigger an infection.

cesky terrier on grass


Cesky terriers are active dogs and you will have to provide them with some form of activities for them to be happy. Longer walks, playing sessions, retrieving balls can all do the trick to secure that this dog spends his energy.

Cesky Terriers have a high prey drive and it is not recommended that you let them off-leash in the unsecured areas, because they will take every chance they get to pursuit a smell or prey.


Most of the terriers are known for their independence and stubbornness, but Cesky terriers are less stubborn which makes training them a bit easier. They are also eager to please their owner. They are gentle dogs that don't like to be handled rough and that said during training you must use positive methods if you want your dog to respond to training. A lot of treats and praises are always a good idea.

Early socialization is required to secure that this Cesky Terrier becomes a well-mannered dog. From the puppy age, expose your dog to many different people, sounds, sights, and places so he could learn how to react to them.

male cesky terrier

Kids and other animals

These dogs are a great choice for families with kids. However, before you let them play you must teach your kids how to properly play and interact with the dog so you can be sure that any unwanted behavior would emerge.

Cesky terriers can live in a household with other pets but they are not suitable for smaller animals because of their high prey derive.

Health problems

Cesky terrier is prone to some health problems that every owner and the future owner should be aware of.

They are prone to:

To be sure that your dog will be healthy always buy him from a responsible dog breeder who regularly tests their breeding dogs to secure that their puppies will be healthy as well.

black cesky terrier

Cesky Terrier breeders

Cesky terriers are fairly rare dogs, especially in the US, so if you considering these dogs to be your pet be prepared that you will be put on the waiting list. You can always search for these dogs in Europe cause they can still mostly be found in their native land – Czech Republic.

For sure you will not make a mistake if you decided that this is the right dog for you and your family, Cesky Terriers are devoted dogs that will do anything to protect you and will enjoy spending time and playing with you and your whole family.


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