What Will Obedience Training Teach Your Dog?

What Will Obedience Training Teach Your Dog?

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You probably know that owning a dog is not a piece of cake. It can be gratifying, and you will reap plenty of benefits from your pet, but it will also require a lot of work. If you want to have a well-behaved dog, then obedience training is the key.

You might not be interested in enrolling your dog in obedience trials, but it will teach your dog to behave at home. All dogs require work and some more than others. Getting rid of unwanted behavior like jumping on people and not listening to their owners is necessary for a good life with your dog. Obedience training will lay the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness with your dog.

What will your dog learn from obedience training?

Obedience training will teach your dog respect. They will learn who is their leader, and what their place is. All dogs should be able to respond to a few basic commands like stay or come.

Listening to their owner is not only good for their behavior, but it is also good for their safety. Imagine seeing your dog running towards a busy road and not responding to your command to stop running. Plus, obedience training can help curb unwanted behavior like nuisance barking, chewing, and digging.

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Another thing your dog will learn from obedience training is how to get along with other dogs. Training will make your dog socialize with other dogs and people, which means they will be well-behaved when it comes to traveling or going to a dog park.

And last but not least, basic obedience training will form a strong bond between you and your dog. It will solidify your position as their leader and turn your dog from a pet to a loyal companion. Plus, you can always choose to develop their skill further and enter some obedience trials.

Before you start obedience training, you should potty train your new puppy. Here is how to do that successfully - Potty training a puppy.

Getting started with obedience

Dogs love stable routines; they thrive on rules and things known to them. Dogs with behavioral problems usually don’t know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Well-behaved and trained dogs live longer and happier lives than untrained dogs, so make sure your puppy starts early with the basic obedience training.

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Choosing a training option

When it comes to training your dog, there are several options available. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and the best option for you will be determined by two things - your budget and schedule.


Properly training a dog will require some time. If you are a busy professional who cannot spend too much time working with their dog, your schedule doesn’t allow you to invest the time needed to train your dog. Make sure you have enough time to work with your dog and make your schedule one of the key things when deciding on what breed of dog you are getting.


If an owner has a tight budget, they might be limited with your options. Money should never be a reason not to get a dog, but the truth is, dogs cost a lot of money. They need food, grooming, toys, treats, leashes, and other things that will help them lead a healthy and happy life. If an owner runs on a tight budget, then highering a professional trainer or enrolling your dog in training courses might not be the best option for some. Tight budget training will require your time and learning.

The third thing that might define obedience training is the breed of your dog. Some dogs are more energetic or intelligent, requiring more training and activity than others. Breeds like Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, Border Collies, or German Shepherds are highly intelligent. They need an owner who can provide them with plenty of activities and time in training.

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Most common obedience training options

Obedience training is usually conducted in these three most common ways - doggy school, private trainer, or DIY at-home training. You should choose the one that suits you and your dog the most.

Doggy school and classes

Doggy schools or classes offer excellent training programs. They usually have professional trainers working, and they have special programs developed that will teach your dog basic commands and obedience. They will require your dog has received all necessary shots because your dog will share space with other dogs.

Puppy schools are a great way to socialize your dog, and they will teach your pup how to be friendly and how to act when interacting with other dogs. You can check the doggy school reviews online and ask for references. Other dog owners will gladly share their results because we all want a better dog community.

Before your puppy can go to puppy classes, they need to be leash trained. Here is an article that can tell you all about leash training - Puppy leash training.

Private trainer

Hiring a freelance dog trainer might be the most expensive option, but it usually yields the best results. It is the most flexible option, and you can quickly adapt the schedule that will be good for both you and the trainer.

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A professional dog trainer can examine your dog and determine the best way to train them. They can make a tailor-made training program that is specifically developed for you and your dog. Plus, one of the most significant advantages is that you can be directly included in training your dog while having a professional behind your back that can quickly tell you if you are doing something wrong. Don’t worry. Nobody was born a great dog trainer.

DIY obedience training

DIY obedience dog training might be the cheapest and could potentially be the best option, but it will require a lot of work from your side. If you are an experienced owner and you know how to approach your dog’s training, this process might be a bit easier. If you are not, you should read and learn as much as you can about training and pick a method. You can use positive reinforcement or clicker training; both options are fine; they only require a slightly different approach.

Training the dog yourself can be very rewarding. one of the best things in the world is to look at your dog develop from a puppy into a stable, well-behaved dog with no behavioral problems. It might be a process that lasts long, but obedience training will provide an excellent foundation for your puppy to become the best version of themselves.

If you decide to train your dog yourself, make sure you don’t skip the socialization part. Here is an article that can help you with it - Socialization tips and tricks.

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