Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Dog Ramp Your Car

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Dog Ramp Your Car

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 20 2023


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Most dog owners don't think about dog ramps for cars unless they are in need of one. Usually, this will happen when their dog gets injured or has some joint problems. In reality, getting a dog ramp would be a good idea even for healthy dogs, and we will explain why in a minute.

More and more dog owners are buying these ramps to make entrances easier for the dog and to help themselves and avoid getting injured. As you may think, some dogs will only get in the car if their owners pick them up and put them in.

Let's elaborate on why you should consider getting one of these dog ramps for your SUV.

Why should you consider buying a dog ramp for your SUV?

Dog ramp will help not only your dog but also you. It will prevent any injuries and ensure that your dog safely enters the car. Many owners have said that after they started using dog ramps for their cars, they don't know how they lived before this.

If you decide to choose one, you can be sure that you will not regret this decision.

What dogs should use a dog ramp when getting into an SUV?

All dogs can and should use a dog ramp, but some will need it even more. We suggest buying a dog ramp instead of just letting these dogs go in the car alone.

1. Senior dogs

As the dogs age, they will have more problems with movement, joints, etc. Although you may think entering the car isn't a big deal for your senior dog, it is. You should do everything you can to ease up on him and allow him to save his precious energy.

dog in car

2. Puppies

Puppies risk hurting themselves if they enter a car without a dog ramp. Not to mention that they could injure their hips or joints, and that will leave a mark on their whole life. We are sure you don't want that for your new puppy.

3. Dogs with joint problems

Jumping in and out of the car could be painful for dogs that are suffering from joint problems. Get a dog ramp to ensure your dog will enter the car without any pain.

4. Injured dogs

Any sort of injury that your dog is battling could potentially cause him to have problems getting in the car. Why would you want your injured dog to jump in the car and risk that he injure himself even more?

5. Obese dogs

A large number of dogs in the modern world are obese. This is a serious health issue that you will have to address. If you own an obese dog, he might have trouble getting in and out of the car by himself, and it would be best if you provided him with the dog ramp.

How to pick the best dog ramp for your SUV?

When you are buying a dog ramp for your car, you can't simply choose the first one you see. Depending on your dog, your car, and other things, you must explore your options to choose the best one for your and your dog's needs. These are the things you will have to put into consideration.

1. Size

Depending on your car, you must choose the one that will make a fit. Some dog ramps are designed for smaller cars, while others can do great for SUVs. Also, size is very important to ensure that your dog has no entrance problem. You don't want to choose too small dog ramp that your dog cannot use.

2. Portability

Many owners often overthink this one, but portability is important one to consider. Depending on how easily you can move the dog ramp and how much it weighs should affect your choice.

Always go for the one that will be pretty easy to manipulate and move around. You don't want extra problems with the ramp.

dog in car

3. Weigh limit

Dog ramps will have a weight limit, and you need to make sure you choose the one according to your goals. You need to be extra careful if you own a big or giant dog breed because you want to ensure the ramp fully supports your dog's weight.

4. Grip surface

Most dog ramps are equipped with non-slipping material to provide extra stability for the dogs. Make sure to buy the one that has this feature.

How to train your dog to use a dog ramp?

Some dogs will instantly understand how to properly use the dog ramp, while for others, you will have to teach them. The key is to slowly introduce a dog ramp to your dog for him to be real and not scared. Slowly guide him on the ramp and show him how it should be done.

You should always reward your dog for performing a task with tasty treats and a lot of praise.

How to secure your dog during car rides?

Now that you have secured that your dog will enter the car safely, you must protect him during the ride. This could also be challenging, but do worry; we have you covered. Make sure to check these 7 tips on how to make car rides extra safe and comfy for your dog  - 7 Tips for Keeping Dogs Comfortable During Car Rides

To make car rides extra comfortable and safe, you can choose a few more things for your dog.

1. Dog seatbelt

For extra security inside the car, choose the dog seat belt that will ensure that your dog cannot move around the car and possibly injure himself. If you are not sure how to make a right choice, make sure to check this article - How to Choose a Dog Seat Belt

2. Dog covers for the car

To ensure that you will not have to extra clean your car after the ride with your dog, make sure that you use dog covers. That way, you will just have to wash the cover, and according to us, it is much simpler than cleaning your car seats. Here you can check the 5 best dog seat covers on the market and choose the best one for you - Best Dog Seat Covers

3. Dog barrier

You can use a dog barrier to ensure your dog stays in the cargo space. This one could help do the job

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