11 Things To Give Your Dog Wirth Diarrhea

11 Things To Give Your Dog Wirth Diarrhea

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One of the most common health issues in dogs is diarrhea. We all know how curious dogs are, and as dog owners, we understand that there will be a lot of situations in dogs' life where our dogs will eat something they shouldn't, and their digestive systems will react accordingly.

There is no dog that hasn't had diarrhea once in its lifetime. The reason for this could be all sorts of things, including eating food not designed for dogs, chronic illness, etc. Dog diarrhea can last differently depending on many different factors, including dog breed, age, and overall health.

In most cases, diarrhea is an acute problem that will happen spontaneously due to something your dog has eaten. In some cases, continued diarrhea, followed by other health problems, could indicate some serious health problems.

Either way, you must find the right tool to help your dog battle this nasty problem. Your dog will need your attention, and as a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to understand what will work and help your dog stop diarrhea.

What to feed a dog with diarrhea?

Experienced dog owners usually have a couple of tricks up their sleeves for battling dog diarrhea. It would be best to be prepared if you are becoming a new dog owner or you are currently experiencing this problem with your dog. Here is a list of things you can give to your dog to help ease their upset stomachs.

1. Rice

This is one of the oldest dog diarrhea remedies and something all dog owners should have at home to help their dogs with their stomach problems. Many vets and dog owners will first suggest giving your dog some plain rice to help him with diarrhea.

Rice is easily digestible, which could be one of the best human foods to help your dog. By passing through the gastrointestinal tract, rice will absorb water (because it is rich in fibers) and will help stabilize dog stool.

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2. Rice "soup"

Boil rice in a lot of water and remove the rice. Give your dog the water with a broth splash to make it tastier. Bone broth will calm your dog's stomach and help with diarrhea. This trick will make your dog eat his food as it will flavor their food. When making bone broth for your dog, make sure that you remove all the bones before serving.

Dog Diarrhea

3. Plain chicken

Plain chicken without any seasoning should be offered to dogs with diarrhea. Shredded chicken is full of vitamins, minerals, and fats that will help your dog battle with diarrhea. You can even mix shredded chicken with white rice and offer it to get to your dog. You can be sure that your dog will quickly recover from diarrhea.

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4. Yogurt

This is only good for dogs that aren't lactose intolerant. Yogurt has good bacteria and will help balance their GI system. Take note that some dogs will not react well to yogurt; if you are unsure how your dog will react, it's best if you skip this one.

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5. Probiotics

Probiotics are living bacteria that help digestion (often found in yogurt). Adding probiotics to your dog's nutrition will increase the level of good bacteria that will help calm the digestive system. Here is our recommendation that you can try Will Fortiflora Help My Dog?

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6. Cottage cheese

The same as yogurt, it helps restore balance to upset digestion. Cottage cheese will help harden the dog's stool as it contains protein and fat content. You should only feed cottage cheese to dogs if he is not lactose intolerant. Otherwise, you shouldn't do it.

Dog Diarrhea

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7. Canned pumpkin

This is a bit of an odd remedy, but still very effective against dog diarrhea as well as constipation. Pumpkin is rich in fiber, which will help stabilize the dog's gastrointestinal tract and will need your dog's immune boost that has need.

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8. Carrots

Many dog owners don't know this trick, but here it is – bolied and mashed carrots will do wonders for dogs with diarrhea. They are excellent sources of different vitamins, potassium, and fibers and will help your dog with diarrhea and other digestive problems.

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9. Boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes should be peeled and cooled down before being given to dogs. Since potatoes are high in sugar, you must control your dog's portions to avoid obesity. Potatoes contain many ingredients, such as vitamins, potassium, fibers, and magnesium, that will help your dog with diarrhea.

10. Specialized foods

Different manufacturers provide different specialized foods that help dogs with this problem. Commercial dog food contains all the necessary ingredients that will help your dog battle diarrhea. If you are not ready to try some of the human food that can help your dog with this problem, sticking to commercial dog food could also help your dog.

11. Human medication

This is not something you should do before talking to your vet. Sometimes, the vet will recommend metronidazole to help ease their problems. We suggest not using this method before you try all the other ones. You don't want to give your dog medications if you can solve the problem without it.

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Some of these remedies might not work for your dog if your dog has diarrhea. You should ask your vet for advice and never do or give them medication without consulting them first.

After consulting your vet, feel free to try some of these remedies and see if any of them can help your dog with its upset stomach. We certainly hope there wasn't that much of a mess you had to deal with and that your dog gets better if they are experiencing health problems.

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