What To Look For In A Heavy Duty Dog Crate

What To Look For In A Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 19 2023


If you own a dog who isn't exactly good when he's left alone or a dog that suffers from separation anxiety and likes to chew stuff, getting a heavy-duty dog crate could be a good idea.

Many people will tell you that using crates for dogs is cruel, but in reality, crates are excellent weapons for training dogs, as well as keeping your furniture and home chew-free. Most dog crates come in plastic or wire, and many dog owners don't realize that these types of crates could easily be broken or, in some cases, dogs could manipulate them to get out.

Heavy-duty dog crates are primarily designed to keep larger and stronger dogs, but smaller dogs could also use them since it creates better security for the dog.

Before we list our recommendations for heavy-duty dog crates that suit you best, we will have to explain what you should look up in one to make a better choice.

How to choose the best heavy-duty dog crate for my dog?

To be sure you will pick the best heavy-duty crate for your dog, you must first understand what to look for.


The crate size is one of the most important things you must choose right. Every dog in the crate should be able to stand and have the ability to turn around to change position without getting stuck or not being able to stand normally. If your dog needs to duck his head when he stands up, his crate is too small.

WORLD DOG FINDER TIP: You should provide your dog with a few inches bigger crate. Bigger crate will give him more space, while the smaller ones will limit his movements.

How to use it safely?

When you get one for your dog, you must secure that your dog is always safe and that there are no obstacles that can harm your dog.

For starters, we would advise you always to take the collar or harness of your dog when he is in the crate. We know this may be difficult, but it is the only way to provide complete safety for the dog.

There could be situations where your dog collar will tangle with the crate, and this could leave your dog in potentially dangerous situations, especially if he is home alone.

The second thing you must do is to put the crate in a perfect place for the dog. Choose a calmer place where your dog can relax and where there will not be things that could potentially bother your dog when he is home alone.

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Why is crate training important?

Crate training is gaining popularity among dog owners, and there is a good reason. Providing your dog with proper crate training can do wonders for him, and the crate could be a safe and relaxing place for the dog. There may be a situation where your dog will specifically need to be in a crate, and if he's properly trained, you will not have any problems with him.

There are numerous reports that people who properly crate train their dogs were left stunned when they noticed that the dog likes to use crate on his own, and the crate serves as a calm and safe place where they can take a nap.

We strongly agree that every dog should get crate training lessons because it can benefit both your dog and you.

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