Teacup Yorkie - Small Dog With a lot of Cuteness

Teacup Yorkie - Small Dog With a lot of Cuteness

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If you love tiny dogs, then you will certainly be interested in the teacup version of the famous Yorkshire Terrier. These small dogs are known as teacup Yorkies, micro Yorkies, or toy Yorkies. They are a smaller version of the pureblooded Yorkshire Terrier. Before you go looking for one, there are some things you should know about them.

What is exactly a teacup Yorkie?

Like with any other teacup version, the teacup Yorkie is a smaller version of the pureblooded breed. They are still a part of the same breed, although they might not fit the standard. All pureblooded dogs have a standard they should fit into. If they don’t fit the standard, they are considered faulty in show rings. There are some differences between the “standard” Yorkshire Terrier and the teacup, mostly their size.

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Difference between standard and teacup Yorkie

The Yorkshire Terrier standard describes them as being 7 - 8 inches tall and weighing around 3.2 pounds. The micro version is a bit smaller, and these dogs usually measure between 5 - 7 inches and weigh between 2 - 4 pounds. The size would be a huge problem in show rings, and these dogs would most likely be eliminated.

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Teacup problem

Before you decide to get a teacup dog, you should be aware of some issues that need to be addressed. The breeding of teacup dogs is not usually the best, and there are many unethical practices involved. Such tiny dogs are typically riddled with disease. Some puppies can naturally occur in teacup size, but most of them have to be carefully bred.

Careful breeding doesn’t mean that breeders are taking the healthiest and best Yorkies they can find. It means they take the smallest, weakest dogs and breed them to create even smaller dogs. They are called the runt of the litter, and such dogs shouldn’t be bred. They have many health issues, and ethical breeders would not allow bad genes to enter the breed gene pool.

The same problem is with teacup Yorkies. They are often sickly, and their breeders only care about the money. No responsible breeder will get involved in breeding a teacup dog. If you are thinking about getting one, there are two best ways of doing it.

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Getting a teacup Yorkie

The worst possible thing you could do is buy a teacup dog. That means you are directly supporting unethical behavior and breeding practices, and if such breeders run out of money because no one would buy their dogs, they would most likely stop doing it.

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The best way to get a teacup-sized Yorkshire Terrier is to get in touch with a Yorkie breeder and talk to them about their dogs. They might naturally produce a smaller version of a standard Yorkie. Such a dog will not be eligible for further breeding or dog shows. A breeder might be happy to lower the price or even give you the dog. That is the best way to ensure that your future teacup Yorkie is as healthy as possible.

The second thing you could do is to get in touch with a shelter or a Yorkie rescue. Ask them for advice and see if they perhaps rescued a teacup Yorkie you could adopt. This way, you are not supporting the bad breeding practices, and you are still getting a tiny dog.

What kind of a pet is a teacup Yorkie?

If you end up with a healthy teacup Yorkie, their temperament should be relatively similar to that of the standard-sized Yorkshire Terrier. They should be very adaptable and affectionate. They are gentle, loving, playful, and curious dogs that love the family lifestyle. Ensure you provide them with a soft bed and a safe space like a doggie house or a dog crate where they can safely nap and be left alone.

However, like with any other teacup dog breed, specific problems will most likely occur and affect their temperament. Micro Yorkies are not only prone to physical diseases; they are prone to mental issues as well. They can suffer from the “small dog” syndrome, and they are not the best choice for families with small kids. These dogs can be snappy and bite out of fear. They can be possessive and unsocial, especially because socializing them can be a problem. Playing and hanging out with other dogs can be risky because these micro dogs can get easily injured.

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Are there any benefits to owning a teacup Yorkie?

There are some benefits that could be considered as such, but only from a financial perspective, and only if the dog is healthy. Teacup Yorkshire Terrier can be easier and cheaper to maintain. They don’t need a giant dog bed, they don’t eat a lot of food, and their toys can be tiny, which means they are cheaper. One of the best things about Yorkies, in general, is that they have a hypoallergenic coat that barely sheds.

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Some aspects can cost less, but like in most cases, teacup dogs end up being more expensive because of insurance and vet costs. One doctor said it is often impossible to get an IV in the dog’s leg because everything is tiny. Vets need to have special equipment to deal with such small dogs, and anything that was carefully made for teacups will cost more in the end. Plus, since they are prone to different health issues, vet visits will most likely be frequent. Some of these health issues include:

  • Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Liver shunts
  • Brain issues
  • Cataracts
  • Keratitis sicca
  • Sensitive stomach
  • Bronchitis
  • Heart defects
  • Blindness
  • Seizures

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The worst thing is, this is not the whole list of health issues, but these are some of the most common conditions spotted in these tiny dogs. Plus, these dogs have a significantly shorter lifespan, only about 7 - 9 years instead of the 11 - 15 year lifespan expected of them.

We would urge anyone considering getting a teacup dog to reconsider their decision. These dogs are generally not healthy. By buying a teacup Yorkie, you are encouraging unethical and irresponsible breeders to continue their practice.

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