10 Interesting Airedale Terrier Fun Facts You Need To Know

10 Interesting Airedale Terrier Fun Facts You Need To Know

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Sep 01 2023


With their wiry coat and energetic spirit, the Airedale Terrier stands out among all terrier breeds. This medium-sized dog has an intriguing history. The Airedale makes an excellent companion for active owners who can provide regular exercise and grooming.

This lively and sometimes mischievous breed bonds closely with family while maintaining their independent streak. The Airedale became popular both as a hunter and pet due to his obedient nature and protective instincts.

We love these purebred, charming dogs, so we decided to bring you the list of our favorite Airedale Terrier fun facts.

1. Bred to hunt otters and rats

In the 19th century, working-class people in the Aire Valley of Yorkshire, England, developed the Airedale Terrier by crossing the Otterhound and Black and Tan Terrier breeds. They wanted to create a dog with the ideal size, strength, and fearlessness to hunt otters and rats in the river valleys. The Airedale's athletic build and determined temperament made them excellent hunters of river prey.

Airedale Terrier

2. Airedales have a wiry, hypoallergenic coat

The unique Airedale coat has hair rather than fur, giving it a scruffy, wiry texture. This waterproof coat protects them during hunting. Their coat sheds minimally and produces less dander, making it hypoallergenic and a good choice for allergy sufferers. Hand-stripping the coat 2-3 times per year maintains this good texture.

3. This is a very intelligent breed

With quick wit and an independent nature, the Airedale is known as one of the most intelligent terrier breeds. They have an advanced ability to learn commands, tricks, and skills. They are very smart but also eager to please, which makes them well-suited to obedience, agility, and advanced training.

Airedale Terrier and girl

4. Airedales make great watchdogs

True to most terriers, the Airedale is an excellent watchdog. Their strong sense of duty and alert nature cause them to notice everything. They will quickly bark to announce visitors or unusual noises. Though not aggressive, their large size and loud bark make intruders think twice.

5. This breed has lots of energy

Few breeds can keep up with the energetic Airedale Terrier! Their high energy requires at least 30-60 minutes of intense activity daily to prevent boredom and unwanted behaviors. They particularly enjoy swimming, hiking, fetch, and off-leash running, where they can burn their energy.

Airedale Terrier on snow

6. Airedales are known for their courage

Historically, the bravery and spirit of the Airedale made them excellent police, military, and service dogs. There are many situations where Aidedales served on the battlefield and in dangerous situations. Their protective nature and lack of fear make them a courageous working breed.

7. An Airedale named Brucie won Westminster in 1912

The first Airedale Terrier to win Best in Show at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club dog show was Brucie in 1912. This established the breed as one of the top terriers. Airedales continued to perform well at dog shows and field trials.

Airedale Terrier on grass

8. Airedales served President Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt had an Airedale Terrier named Jack in the White House. Jack was known to freely roam the house, attend meetings, and accompany Roosevelt on outdoor excursions. Roosevelt was an Airedale fan and loved the breed for their hunting skills.

9. The Airedale is known as the "King of Terriers"

Thanks to his large size, intelligence, working ability, and versatility, the Airedale Terrier earned the nickname "King of Terriers." It is considered an all-around hunting, sporting, and working breed able to perform various tasks.

10. Airedales need regular exercise and grooming

This high-energy working breed requires about an hour of vigorous exercise daily. Their wiry coats also need weekly brushing and hand stripping of dead hair several times per year to maintain their unique texture. With proper activity and grooming, the Airedale makes an ideal pet.

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