Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds In The World

Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds In The World

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 17 2023


Choosing the right dog breed according to your lifestyle is extremely important. You want to choose a dog that can follow your activities and that will enjoy them. You don't want to get a large and active dog breed if you like to spend most of your days indoors.

Also, if you are active, you should choose an active dog that will enjoy spending time with you on different adventures. We all know that most dogs will love chasing balls, sticks, or even other dogs, creating a fun activity for them. But did you know how fast a certain dog can run?

You might be stunned when you find out how fast certain dog breeds can run. They were created for different purposes that required being fast to complete a given task successfully. That's why we decided to put together a list of the 10 fastest dog breeds in the world.

How fast can a certain dog run?

Every dog breed is created for different purposes, so they cannot run at the same speed. Generally speaking, most dog breeds can run from 15-20 mph in shorter distances, while long-legged dogs can run from 25-45 mph. Of course, there can always be exceptions.

Depending on the purpose a certain dog breed was created, their ability to run fast also differs. Small and giant dog breeds will generally run slower because their body constitution prevents them from running the fastest.

Also, brachycephalic dog breeds will not be able to run fast and long distances because of their genetic constitution of the face, which will not allow them to get the proper amount of air into their system.

Sled dog breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies are working dogs, and they have incredible stamina and strength, but they are not the fastest dogs since they were created to run longer distances.

Top 10 fastest dog breeds in the world

If you want a fast dog that can follow your lifestyle and rhythm, this list of the fastest dog breeds can help you get your pick. The speed of these dogs was tested, and there were the results.

10. Doberman

We will start our list with a well know dog breed – Doberman. These dogs are capable of running at 32 mph. Initially, they were created for protection, and they fill the same role even today.

Dobermans are used for working purposes – mostly for police work in many different countries. They are excellent family dogs, and you can teach them anything because of their high intelligence.


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9. Whippet

Whippet dogs have an appearance of a smaller Greyhound, and they are also used for racing and are capable of running at 35 mph. They are gentle dogs that can fit into any family if they receive proper daily activities.


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8. Borzoi

At number 8, there is one gorgeous Russian dog breed called Borzoi. These dogs have a unique appearance, great agility, and stamina. Borzoi dogs are capable of running at 36 mph.

These dogs can fill any family, and although they will love to spend time in the big yard, they can adapt to apartment living and rest on the couch.


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7. Dalmatian

One of the most unique appearances in the dog's world belongs to Dalmatian. Dalmatian dogs are also very fast and can run at 37 mph. This is why they are number 7 on our list.

From the beginning, Dalmatians were used as working dogs to help firemen. They have great stamina and energy, and they can perform different tasks.

They can be a vary of strangers, so it is important that you carefully introduce them to new people. Dalmatians can be excellent family dogs who love spending time with children.


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6. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are hunting dog breeds bred in England and used for fox hunting. They are capable of running at 38 mph. Since they have lower bodies, they are rather quick and agile and were praised for their hunting abilities.

If you think about getting one, you must know that these dogs can have a high prey drive and could easily start chasing smaller animals during your daily walks.

Jack Russell Terrier

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5. Ibizan Hound

The next 3 dog breeds are splitting the bronze medal since they all can run at the same speed – 40 mph.

First on the list is Ibizan Hound. They were initially bred to hunt smaller animals, such as rabbits. They have a unique appearance with their red and white coat. Ibizan Hounds are excellent family dogs, but they will require proper socialization and exercise outlets, so your dog will not get any accumulated energy that can turn into destructive behavior.

Ibizan Hound

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4. Vizsla

The second bronze medal goes to Vizsla. These dogs are versatile and are capable of hunting, retrieving, and swimming. Vizasla are energetic and intelligent dogs that will create a strong bond with their owners. If you are active and like to spend time in nature, Vizsla could be the right dog breed for you.


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3. Afghan Hound

The third bronze medal goes to Afghan Hound; these dogs can run at 40 mph. These dogs are very elegant, and some people will often say that they are models rather than runners.

Afghan hounds are excellent family pets that can get along with kids in the family. They have great endurance and stamina and can follow you everywhere you go if you are active.

Afghan Hound

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2. Saluki

The silver medal for the fastest dog breed in the world goes to Saluki. Saluki is capable of running at 42 mph. They are ancient hunting dog breeds bred to run for thousands of years.

These dogs can be excellent pets, but you need to understand that they are hunting dogs and have high prey drives. You must be very careful with these dogs since they tend to chase smaller animals.


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1. Greyhound

The fastest dog in the world is a Greyhound. These dogs can run at 45mph, which is fascinating. These dogs have the ability to run like cheetahs as their body will contact and extend as they run, and their feet will leave the ground at the same moment.

Although they are the fastest dog breed, they aren't so active during the day. Greyhounds can sleep up to 19 hours a day and are ideal dogs for apartment living.


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