Adaptil For Dogs: Usage, Side Effects & Efficiency

Adaptil For Dogs: Usage, Side Effects & Efficiency

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It's possible that you've seen or heard about Adaptil for dogs from your veterinarian's office or online and wondered, "What is Adaptil, and does it really work?" Although it can be helpful in many situations—it might not be an ideal solution or even help every dog. That means the shortest answer is - Adaptil can work. Meeting new dogs or people, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, or even being adopted and moving into a new environment can cause anxiety and stress in our canine friends.

Stick around for a while, and we'll tell you all you need to know about this collar and how Adaptil for dogs works.

What is Adaptil for dogs?

Adaptil is a pheromone collar that can reduce the effects stress and anxiety have on our dogs and puppies by emitting a specific pheromone. The collar can last for 30 days before needing replacement and is typically activated by the dog's body heat.

How does it work?

The basic idea behind Adaptil for dogs is - The collar contains a specific pheromone that is activated by the dog's body heat. The full name of this natural chemical is Dog Appeasing Pheromone or DAP.

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What are pheromones?

To fully grasp what DAP is, we must first learn what pheromones are. Animals produce and unleash pheromones into the environment. A behavioral response is elicited when these pheromones are detected by another species member. Pheromones are essentially information's silent and instantaneous carriers.

Each species produces unique and specialized pheromones to communicate different things. Depending on the type, pheromones can influence behavior in various ways. Mating status, territory claims, or an alarm signal are all examples of pheromone uses. Pheromones that make our dogs feel good are known as "appeasing pheromones," and they are released by animals shortly after birth to aid their young in their development.

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What is the Dog Appeasing Pheromone?

Nursing females release DAP in the first few weeks of a puppy's life. DAP is one of the rarest pheromones produced by mammals. It appears to have the effect of promoting a calm atmosphere within the nest.

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As Adaptil, DAP is sold in three different shapes:

  • A plug-in diffuser that lasts about 30 days and covers 1000 square foot
  • A treated collar that also lasts 30 days
  • A spray bottle that can be used daily on wearable items or in your home.

Should I get Adaptil?

Thanks to a pheromone collar, your dog will always have a steady supply of pheromones. Because we can't always predict when thunderstorms or fireworks will appear, dogs with noise phobias benefit from the effects appeasing pheromones will have at those moments. Unintentional stress can occur when dogs are boarded, transported, or hospitalized for short periods. Adaptil can provide dogs with an extra layer of self-assurance in times of stress.

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This is especially true for puppies who have just moved to new environments, unfamiliar people, and new families. The puppy may go from saying goodbye to its littermates and its mother to starting a new family in one day. It is one of the puppy's most significant life stresses and changes. In that transitional phase, puppies who used Adaptil were 66% less likely to cry at night, and 75% of puppies were less vocal during the day than those who did not have Adaptil on their side. Puppies learn better in training classes when they feel safe, which helps them become well-adjusted adults in the future.

A snug fit is required for each Adaptil collar, which is adjustable. Two fingers' space width between the collar and the dog's neck is considered a proper fit. Pheromones are disseminated into the air by the dog's body heat.

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Benefits of Adaptil for dogs

  • Adaptil collars can be purchased without a prescription, and no side effects were ever recorded.
  • Your dog's behavioral medications can safely be used with this product.
  • There is a smaller size for puppies weighing less than 35 pounds available.
  • Once the collar is in place, pheromone support is available for up to four weeks.
  • Anti-flea and tick-infestation properties are not affected by this product.
  • Adaptil has published numerous studies in prestigious vet publications proving that dogs wearing their collars have a statistically significant benefit.

Drawbacks of Adaptil for dogs

  • To maintain a steady supply of DAP, you have to replace the collar every four weeks.
  • Taking the collar off for grooming or if the dog will be in the water is a good idea because it's not waterproof. For all of us with water-loving dogs, it can be unsuitable.
  • When used alone, collars can take up to seven days to show results.
  • It may not work for your dog if you don't implement other behavioral and environmental changes.

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Where can I get Adaptil?

Adaptil is a fairly popular product among American dog owners, which means it has a wide distribution and sales network. You can easily order Adaptil online on Chewy or Amazon or talk to your vet and see if you can purchase it in their clinic.

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