What To Consider When Buying a Dog Doorbell

What To Consider When Buying a Dog Doorbell

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 14 2023


Dogs use many communication skills to tell us what they want and need. If your dog needs to go outside to do his business, he may bark, jump, or even scratch the front door to let you know. Getting a dog doorbell could be a great idea to teach your dog some rules and make it easier for him to let you know his needs.

Dog doorbell is gaining more and more popularity among new dog owners since it serves as a great addition to potty training your puppy. Establishing some rules from the beginning and teaching your dog to use a dog doorbell when he needs to go potty will create a much easier life for both you and your dog.

As you may think, there are many different choices on the market for the dog doorbell, and of course, not all dogs will be able to use the same doorbell, and because of that, there are many choices to find the perfect match for your pooch.

How to choose the best doorbell for your dog?

You will have to consider some things to ensure that you pick the right dog doorbell for your dog and his needs. You can't just pick the first one and expect it to be fully effective for your dog.

When choosing the best dog doorbell, you will have to consider these things:

1. Sound

The first and most important thing to think about is the doorbell's sound. You want to choose a doorbell with a clear sound that both you and your dog can hear. If you choose the classic bell, always go for the bigger one since it will be able to make a louder sound.

If you will choose a smart electronic doorbell, make sure to pay attention to the distance that the doorbell can transmit the signal.

2. Durability

As with everything connected to dogs, you always have to ensure that the item you buy is durable. Dogs are masters at destroying things (especially at the puppy age), and you want to choose a doorbell that will be able to withstand your dog.

If you plan to use a dog doorbell outside, you must choose one that is weather resistant and waterproof. You don't want your doorbell to break after first use.

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3. Design

Although this is not important for the function, your dog will not care about the design, but you might. We would always choose nice-designed doorbells that would match our interior and that would not stand up in any sense of the word.

Do dog doorbells actually work?

After purchasing a dog doorbell, you will soon conclude that this actually does work. Dog doorbells are an excellent way of teaching your dog how to let you know when he needs something.

You can even use a doorbell outside and give the dog opportunity to let you know when he wants to go back in. There will be no more scratches on your front door or loud barking present. A dog doorbell will do the trick.

What if I have a dog that likes to chew things?

If you do have a dog that likes to chew everything around the house, don't worry. There are dog doorbells that are chew prof and that your puppy cannot destroy. In this case, you should avoid any fabric material and only go for a big metal bell.

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