Does Thundershirt Work & Where I Can Get It

Does Thundershirt Work & Where I Can Get It

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Dogs that spend most of their time close to their owners get used to that lifestyle. The problem comes when they have to spend some time away from them. This issue is known as separation anxiety. It is somewhat common among dogs, especially in small breeds that are constantly around their owners.

Dealing with this issue can be challenging, but products like Thundershirt for dogs make it slightly easier. Resolving and rehabilitating dogs with separation anxiety usually needs professional interference and help. A skilled dog trainer or behaviorist can probably fix it. However, trying out Thundershirt might be a good starting point if you want to deal with it yourself. Here’s what you should know about this product that gives ambitious promises.

What is Thundershirt for dogs?

Thundershirt can be described as a shirt that will apply gentle pressure on your dog’s body. The main pressure points will be the dog’s torso and back. The company that produces this shirt claims that applying constant gentle pressure on a dog’s torso can cause a release of oxytocin and endorphins, which will calm dogs down. Apparently, the same logic works for human infants and adults. It is the main reason we love hugs.

What dogs can benefit from Thundershirt?

If you are thinking about getting a Thundershirt for your dog, you need to be sure your dog is dealing with issues that can be resolved with this product. You don’t want to end up with a product that won’t actually do anything for your pet. Here are some cases where this product might help your dog;

  • Thunderstorms - As the name of the product says, it can help dogs afraid of thunderstorms. The gentle pressure will help calm your dog down.
  • Fireworks - The philosophy is the same as with thunderstorms. Dogs afraid of loud noises will benefit from wearing one of these.
  • Over-excitement - Dogs that get overly excited in certain situations could use Thundershirt. It will help calm them down and allow time to adjust to the situation without getting overly excited.
  • Traveling - If you’re a dog owner, you probably know that many dogs don’t like traveling. According to the manufacturer, Thundershirt will help calm your dog down during stressful trips.
  • Vet visits - Many dogs are afraid of going to the vet. If that is the case with your dog, look into the option of getting a Thundershirt for your dog.
  • Reactive dogs - Some dogs are not too friendly. If your dog has the same “issue,” this product might help calm them down.
  • Separation anxiety - Separation anxiety is a complex problem many dog owners don’t know how to handle themselves. The manufacturer claims their product can help deal with this issue.

There are probably too many cases to put in this article, so we can simply say that Thundershirt promises to help dogs in all sorts of situations. It will help reduce stress, anxiety, excitement, fear, and panic. These are tall orders, but dog owners will try anything to help their pets deal with their overwhelming emotions.

Does Thundershirt work?

Perhaps the most important question dog owners would like to know the answer to is, “Does Thundershirt actually work?” We can say we are lucky, so we didn’t have to deal with separation anxiety, over-excitement, or fear. We haven’t personally tried the product out, but our honest opinion is that our experience wouldn’t matter much anyway.

Some sources might claim this is the best possible product you can get for your dog, and others might say it is worthless. The honest truth is - you won’t actually know until you try it. Some dogs seem to react to Thundershirt pretty well, and others feel no effect. We would advise you to look into other dog owners’ reviews and play the numbers. Here are some of the reviews you might want to look into;

Amazon Thundershirt reviews

Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform, so it is probably the starting point for honest reviews. At the moment when this article was published, Thundershirt had 32.889 reviews. 20.720 of these reviews are 5-stars, which means dog owners are extremely satisfied with the product, and it worked for their dog. 1.973 reviews are extremely unsatisfied, and the product hasn’t helped their dogs.

Chewy Thundershirt reviews

Chewy is the largest online pet supply store, so it is the second logical place to look for helpful reviews. Thundershirt has 922 reviews at this moment, and 543 of them are 5-star reviews. 92 of them are 1-star reviews

Dog owner reviews

Another possible place you can look for helpful reviews is other dog owners that tried this product out. You can even ask to borrow it and test it out. Ask in your local dog park on in an online community and look for helpful advice.

Where can I get Thundershirt for dogs?

Thundershirt is available in different sizes. There is a product for a Chihuahua and a Great Dane. It might be available in local pet shops, but you can be sure you can order it online on one of these large shopping platforms. Here are the links where you can get this product;

In conclusion

The vast majority of Thundershirt users are very happy with it. We would advise you to try it out. What’s the worst that can happen? Plus, if there is a chance you could help your dog deal with their emotional issues, it is worth the try, right? The product is an interesting concept, and if we have to deal with some of these issues, we will surely try out Thundershirt.

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