Calming Music for Dogs

Calming Music for Dogs

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The effect music has on humans has been extensively studied over the years. However, its effect on dogs is still somewhat debatable. Dog trainers and behaviorists started researching and observing reactions dogs can have on different types of music. Naturally, they began with the same kind of music that can calm and relax us.

Scientists started playing different genres of music to dogs, and they noticed interesting results. When sheltered dogs were exposed to reggae, the scientists noticed dog’s behavior has changed. They were more peaceful, and their Heart Rate Variability was significantly higher, indicating lowered stress levels. Here is what you should know about calming music for dogs.

How can music help dogs?

Listening to music in stressful situations has been proven helpful for dogs and humans. It was confirmed that dogs had lower cortisol levels when exposed to calming dog music in situations that usually caused them stress or anxiety. Most dog owners know that many situations can cause their dog stress, but luckily, you can get your dog distracted and more relaxed with this easy trick. Some of the cases where music could get in handy are;

Separation anxiety

If your dog has separation anxiety, you are probably aware of how stressful that is for them and for you. Dogs with separation anxiety cannot bear to stay alone. They will need constant company to feel confident and relaxed. There is no easy way to solve separation anxiety. To do it successfully, your dog will need a lot of training.

street music with dog

Luckily, calming music for dogs can play a part in resolving separation anxiety in dogs. Scientists have proven that if you play calming music to your dog when they have to stay alone, they are more relaxed and calm. Dogs with this behavioral disorder tend to become destructive and can even hurt themselves in an effort to get out.

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Thunderstorms or fireworks

One of the best ways to deal with the dog’s fear of loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks is by distracting them. A great way to do that is to distract them with other sounds, like calming music for dogs. What better to cancel the sounds of thunder than a calm melody that will soothe your dog and lower their heart rate. You can even play the music a bit louder to make sure they won’t focus on the loud sounds from outside.

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New home

Adjusting to new environments can be stressful. If you ever had to move with your dog or leave your dog with family members, you probably know that they will have a hard time adjusting. The dog might not eat for a day or two, and their favorite activity at that time will be laying down and sighing. An excellent way to help them through that challenging period is by playing some calming music to your dog. They might feel more relaxed and open to new things. Everything that can help them lower stress levels or anxiety is worth trying, so why not try some calming dog music?


Some dogs are not that happy about going on road trips like we are. Dogs can find car rides stressful, and they can become very restless when they have to jump in their travel crate or backpack. A good way to help them is to play some soothing music for dogs. Most cars these days have USB plugins, or you can prepare a CD with some calming dog music. Play it on your car radio and see if your dog is feeling better.

Vet visits

One of the most stressful things in your dog’s life is vet visits. You probably saw videos online of dogs and how scared they can get at the vet’s office. If you have a dog that hates going to the vet clinic, you can try playing them some calming music for dogs. Even if it doesn’t work, nothing can be worse than how your dog is already feeling. Some owners have reported great results, and their dogs were visibly a lot calmer during their regular vet visits.

Barking control

Some dogs are natural watchdogs, and they will react to most sounds coming from the street. However, nuisance barking can be very irritating for you and especially for your neighbors. That type of behavior can bring a lot of problems if you live in a building where only a thin wall divides you from your neighbors. Calming or relaxing music for dogs can be an excellent answer to your dog’s overly enthusiastic barking.

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What is calming music for dogs?

Before you start playing any type of music to your dog, you should know that not all music relaxes dogs. Imagine if you were listening to a heavy metal or death metal band - you wouldn’t perhaps feel so relaxed.

Some genres have a calming effect on dogs. They are reggae, classical music, soft rock, and special music explicitly developed for relaxing dogs. The key thing all these genres share is that they have a tempo between 50 and 60 beats per minute. A great example of calming music for dogs is Canine Lullabies or Through a Dog’s Ear.

If you are willing to try this, make sure you share your observations with other dog owners that might have a dog with the same issues. Plus, we would love to get your feedback on the effectiveness these songs had on your dog.

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