Hypoallergenic Dogs for Adoption | Tips

Hypoallergenic Dogs for Adoption | Tips

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Many future dog owners are looking into the option of adopting a hypoallergenic dog. The appeal of these dogs is pretty clear - they barely shed. That means your home will have less hair, which means less cleaning. Hypoallergenic dogs are called hypoallergenic because people with dog hair allergies can live with them and not have a nasty allergic reaction.

Many designer dog breeds are created to be hypoallergenic. However, designer dog breeds can be pretty expensive. Nevertheless, many of these dogs end up in shelters or rescues. If you’re looking for hypoallergenic dogs for adoption, here’s what you should know.

Tips for finding hypoallergenic dogs for adoption

If you decide you want to adopt a hypoallergenic dog, the first thing you need to do si find out which dog breeds are hypoallergenic. The second thing you need to find out is where you could adopt one. Finding one of those breeds might be easier than you think. However, making sure your adoption application gets through is a different thing. Unfortunately, we will not go over that here, but you can read more about it in this article - Adoption tips.

What are hypoallergenic dog breeds?

If you’re looking for hypoallergenic dog breeds for adoption, we are certain you already have one in mind. However, if you’re specifically looking for a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle, you might learn that not many of them end up in rescues. These dogs are pretty popular, and not many get abandoned. However, if you know which breeds fall under the hypoallergenic category, you can find one of them up for adoption. Here are some of the breeds that are considered hypoallergenic and can be found in rescues or shelters;


Poodles are popular dogs, and their tightly curled coat makes them hypoallergenic. Their coat is the main reason so many Poodle crossbreeds were created and sold as popular designer breeds.


Lagotto Romagnolo

The adorable Lagotto is another hypoallergenic breed that you might come across in shelters. These dogs are known for their keen ability to find truffles and their lovely curled coat.

lagotto-romagnolo by river

Yorkshire Terrier

The cute little Yorkie is a hypoallergenic breed. If you love small dogs and are looking to adopt one, this might be the right choice for you and your family. Yorkies are popular, but many get abandoned and need new homes.



All three varieties of Schnauzers are considered hypoallergenic. They have an adorable beard and mustache. They barely shed, and they make fantastic watchdogs.


Bichon Frise

The adorable Bichon Frise is a popular show dog. However, some of them still get abandoned and might need a new home. Plus, they are considered hypoallergenic.

bichon frise

If you want to see the full list of hypoallergenic dog breeds for adoption, check this our - Hypoallergenic dog breeds.

Where to find hypoallergenic dogs for adoption?

As we already mentioned, finding one of these dogs might be easier than you think. If you are absolutely adamant about getting one of these dogs, you need to learn where to start looking. Here are a few places and resources you can use to adopt a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Local shelters

The first place you should look for hypoallergenic dogs is your local shelter or rescue. You never know what you might come across. These guys save dogs and other animals in your local area. Plus, adopting a dog from a shelter saves at least two lives - the dog you’re taking home and the dog that will take your dog’s place. Plus, local shelters can be a great resource. Talk to their volunteers or employees and ask for advice on getting a hypoallergenic dog breed for adoption.

Breed-specific rescues

Your best bet and probably the quickest way of adopting a hypoallergenic dog breed is a breed-specific rescue. There are rescue organizations all over the US dedicated to saving one breed. For example, Poodle rescues are saving Poodles, but they will also save Poodle mixes and crossbreeds. It is not uncommon that designer breeds like the Labradoodle, Cockapoo, or a Shihpoo end up there. It would be a great idea to get in touch with them and ask what the adoption process requires.


If you’re looking to adopt a dog, you might disregard dog breeders. However, that is not the best idea. Dog breeders are professionals that are deeply involved in cynology. Many of them work with rescues, shelters, and breeding clubs that can have rescue programs. There is always the option of buying a hypoallergenic breed if you can’t adopt them.

Be patient

One of the best tips anyone can give you is - be patient. Nothing good in life happens overnight, and adoption is no different. Rescues, shelters, breeding clubs, or other organizations that rehome dogs will need time to process your application. You might even get rejected a couple of times before one of them approves you. You need to set your goals on adoption and stick to them. Arm yourself with patience, and we are sure everything will end up alright.

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