The 5 Best Basenji Rescues in the US

The 5 Best Basenji Rescues in the US

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If you’re in the market for a new companion, adopting is a great idea! One of our favorite dog breeds is the charming Basenji. Some future Basenji owners prefer adopting their pets, and if you’re one of them, getting in touch with these Basenji rescues might be the right step for you. There are many breed-specific rescues, like the Basenji rescues, that are dedicated to saving one breed. These fantastic organizations usually consist of breed lovers and enthusiasts who invest their own resources and time to help these dogs.

Why should you adopt a Basenji?

The first apparent reason why anyone should adopt any dog is - get a new companion. If you’re looking to get a dog but are against buying them, your best bet is to contact one of these rescues and see if they have a dog. Basenjis make lovely pets, so if you’re not entirely sure whether to adopt or you don’t know what you could expect, here are some of the key characteristics these dogs possess;


Basenjis were initially used for hunting. They are very active and energetic, so they were able to perform all the different tasks their owners asked of them. These traits remain with them even today. That means you will get an active dog that will be very happy to follow you on any adventure you’d want to undertake next.

Easy to maintain

Some dogs require a lot of grooming and attention from their owners. Breeds like the Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier are pretty demanding. Basenjis are completely opposite. They are very neat, and they have almost cat-like grooming habits. That means you will not have too much to do regarding grooming. These dogs are easy to maintain.


Basenjis can be challenging to train. They can be stubborn and independent. As soon as the dog arrives in your home, you should start training them. However, that could be difficult since most dogs in rescues are older. They have learned already and have some sort of character. Nevertheless, even old dogs can learn new tricks and rules, so do not get discouraged.


One of the coolest things that come with these dogs is their history. Basenjis are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. By some estimates, Basenjis are over 8.000 years old. They come from Africa, where nomadic tribes used them for hunting and companionship.

Barkless dogs

Some dogs can be very loud, which can become inconvenient for you, your family, and your neighbors. The good news is that Basenjis can’t bark. These dogs produce a yodeling sound instead of a bark. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t vocal. They will gladly let you know how they’re feeling at any moment.

The best Basenji rescues

There is a good news-bad news situation when it comes to these dogs - not many end up in shelters or rescues. That is fantastic for the breed overall but not so good for potential adopters. The waiting lists are long, and you could contact a Basenji rescue only to learn they don’t have adoptable dogs. That also means rescues can have different requirements that might not make you eligible for adoption. To avoid that, you can check out this article - Adoption tips. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up. If you stick to it, we are sure you will get a dog. Here are the best Basenji rescues in the US;

1. Basenji Rescue and Transport

The Basenji Rescue and Transport, or BRAT, is probably the best Basenji rescue in the US. These guys started in 1999, and since then, their mission hasn’t changed. They are dedicated to saving Basenjis from shelters, puppy mills, abusive owners, or neglect. They have a vast network of contacts that will notify them if there are any dogs in need. Dogs in their care are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, checked for heartworm, and ready for new homes.

State: All USA

Contact: +1 877 488 7328


2. America's Basenji & Shiba Inu Rescue

America's Basenji & Shiba Inu Rescue is a rescue organization dedicated to saving primitive breeds. They take dogs from shelters, streets, or owners that can’t take care of their dogs anymore. These guys are located in Indianapolis but will gladly accept adopters across the United States. They will also provide education and support for future owners and potential adopters. Feel free to contact them and ask for tips and guidance.

State: Indiana

Contact: [email protected]


3. Colorado Basenji Rescue

If you’re from Colorado and looking for a Basenji, get in touch with the Colorado Basenji Rescue. These guys will take in dogs who have fallen on hard times. They work closely with shelters, owners, and Basenji breeders that tell them about dogs that might need saving. Another great thing about this rescue is that they will educate the general public regarding Basenjis and dog ownership in general. They have a lengthy evaluation process for adopters, but that only means most of their adoptions are a success.

State: Colorado

Contact: [email protected]


4. The Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue

If you’re looking for a Basenji in California, your best bet is the Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue. These guys are an independent rescue since 1988 and have plenty of experience in that area. They are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Basenjis in need. Dogs in their care are placed in foster homes where they are retrained, socialized, and provided for. Dogs get all the veterinary care they need, and volunteers prepare them for their new homes.

State: California

Contact: [email protected]


5. Camp Basenji

If you’re from Florida and looking for a Basenji, you should contact Pam from Camp Basenji. She does a lot of charity work where she saves and rehabilitates dogs. She provides foster homes for dogs and will do all she can to rehome them and offer this amazing breed a second chance in life.

State: Florida

Contact: [email protected]


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