Miniature Schnauzer Grooming - How To Do It Correctly

Miniature Schnauzer Grooming - How To Do It Correctly

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 03 2023


The Miniature Schnauzer is the most popular of the three (Miniature, Standard, Giant) breed varieties. These feisty small dogs are full of character, and that makes them pretty popular pets. You might be interested to know that Schnauzers share many traits with Terriers. In fact, AKC places them in the Terrier group. They were originally bred for controlling vermin on German farms, a role traditionally kept for Terriers.

One of the many things that set these dogs apart from other Terriers is their grooming needs. The Miniature Schnauzer has a unique appearance that doesn’t come all that naturally. These dogs need grooming and plenty of it.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Miniature Schnauzer owner, you should know your future dog will need grooming every 4 - 6 weeks. If you don’t plan on getting professional grooming, you should know how to do it yourself. Here are some of the best Miniature Schnauzer grooming tips for all owners and future owners.

1. Brushing

Let’s start with something basic. Before the clipping and trimming start, you will have to thoroughly brush your dog’s coat. Getting a high-quality slicker brush is a good idea. The broad brush will easily untangle the dog’s coat and help with dealing with mats. Make sure you brush the legs, back, and chest, and don’t forget the Schnauzer beard. You should brush your dog’s hair at least twice a week.

PRO TIP: If you want to go for more professional brushing equipment, get a comb. It should be used after the slicker brush.

One thing that will make at-home grooming a lot easier is a grooming table. Check this article for some suggestions - Best dog grooming tables.

2. Bathing

Bathing is another essential part of Schnauzer’s grooming. After you finish brushing your dog, make sure there are no tangles. Place your dog in a bathtub or a dog tub, and give them a nice warm bath. Be careful around their ears, and make sure you clean them with a soft washcloth. Don’t use shampoo.

Their ears should be cleaned with a dog ear-cleaning solution. Use dog shampoo only, and never use human shampoo on your dog. After the shampooing is done, make sure you rinse it all. Dry your dog with a towel and a hairdryer.

miniature-schnauzer in woods

3. Brushing teeth

Another essential part of Schnauzer’s grooming is oral hygiene. This essential part of grooming is often overlooked. Poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease, infections, and poor teeth quality. Get a dog toothbrush with a longer, curved neck. That toothbrush can easily reach the dog’s back teeth. Make sure you get your dog used to brushing their teeth while they are still young.

SAFETY TIP: Never use human toothpaste for your dog. It can contain xylitol which is highly toxic to dogs.

4. Nail trimming

Schnauzers are active dogs that love digging and running. Chances are, they will wear off their nails naturally. However, if that doesn’t happen, you will have to cut them. This is another thing that should be done when the dog is still young. Get your dog used to getting their paws handled. It will make your and your groomer’s lives a lot easier.

PRO TIP: Use only nail trimmers specially developed for dogs. Check out this article for more information - Best dog nail trimmers.

5. Clipping and trimming

Schnauzer’s coat needs to be clipped according to the breed’s standard. That might be tricky for average owners, so they ask for professional help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if you are not sure what you’re doing, it is a lot better and safer to simply leave that job to a person that learned the trade - a groomer. However, if you want to do it yourself, here’s how;

mini schnauzer

1. Back

The back part of the dog should be clipped with dog hair clippers. Take a dog hair clipper with a #8 or #10 blade on it, and place it at the back of your dog’s skull. Gently press it and run it along the grain all the way to the dog’s tail. Repeat the process until you reach the dog’s belly.

PRO TIP: During winter, you’d want to leave a longer coat on your dog. Use the #7F blade on the clippers, and that should do the trick.

2. Legs

Schnauzer’s legs are meant to have longer fur than the rest of their body. You should brush the dog’s leg hair straight out and use either clippers or scissors to cut it evenly. Make sure you use scissors for clipping between their pads and around their nails.

3. Head

The head area is the most sensitive part of Schnauzer’s grooming, so you have to be extra careful not to hurt your dog. Use scissors for precision cutting, and start in the same place you started with the clippers. Cut the fur all the way up until you reach the area above their eyebrows.


4. Face

The face is even more sensitive, but a Schnauzer’s face is essential to their standard. They have a beard that sets them apart from the rest of the breed. You should comb their beard straight down and trim it at the bottom. To trim the hair around the dog’s eyes, brush the hair straight down over the dog’s eyes. Point the scissors toward the dog’s nose and cut the hair diagonally.

5. Ears

You need to trim the hair around the dog’s ears as well. Cut the hair that is sticking outside the ear line. Never clip the ear because ear hair keeps the ear warm and looking nice. Plus, Schnauzers have hair growing inside their ear. Occasionally, you will need to take the tweezers and start plucking.

In conclusion

Grooming and trimming your Miniature Schnauzer can be tricky. Some owners like doing it themselves. However, you need quite a bit of grooming equipment and knowledge to do it properly. If you want to enjoy the company of the charming Miniature Schnauzer but don’t want all the hassle of grooming, simply find a groomer near you who knows how to groom this breed.

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