Why Does My Dog Keeps Peeing In House? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons

Why Does My Dog Keeps Peeing In House? Here Are 7 Possible Reasons

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If you are a dog owner, most likely you witnessed your dog peeing in the house. For some owners, that happens at an early age when they just bring their puppy home, while others can notice this later in the dog's life. But why is that? Why do dogs pee in the house? If your dog is one of them and he started to pee in the house suddenly, there are a few possible reasons why he does it. Here are the 7 most possible reasons your adult dog could start peeing in the house.

1. Your dog isn't housetrained

If you own a puppy, you must know that accident will happen until your puppy fully understand where to take a potty break. But if you already housetrained your puppy and he starts to pee again in the house, maybe you didn't provide him with good training. In this case, you should go back to basics and start potty training again.

Some dogs will require more practice until they fully understand when and where to take a potty break.

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2. Stress or anxiety

Did your dog start to pee in the house when you had guests? Or when they hear loud noises? Your dog could feel frightened and will pee because he is scared. You should look for other signs that your dog is stressed, such as crouching, tail tucked under his belly, hiding, etc.

If this is the case with your dog, you should slowly introduce new people around your dog and don't make sudden movements. Slowly interact with the dog and allow him to move at his pace. That way, he will feel much safer and will not be scared.

3. Marking territory

Urine is a weapon to mark territory, and dogs love to use it. Marking territory in the house usually happens if you bring someone new to your home. This can be a new pet or even a child. Your dog will notice that and want to mark their territory, thus letting everybody know that he is in charge.

dog pee in house

Marking is mainly connected with unneutered male dogs; in most cases, you can solve this problem if you neuter your dog.

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4. Separation anxiety

Did peeing occur when you were not home? If yes, the reason for this could be separation anxiety. In today's world, many dogs battle separation anxiety. They will miss you while you are gone, and they will feel sad and, in some cases, could start peeing in the house. Besides peeing, your dog could start barking or even destroying your furniture.

5. Bad weather

Many dogs could have a urinary problem when they hear bad weather. Is your dog scared of a thunderstorm? Thunderstorms can frighten your dog to the level that he starts to pee.

During extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold, your dog can refuse to go out to do his business and would rather pee in the house.

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6. Overexcitement

Many times we had witnessed dogs that started to pee out of excitement. This can occur when they see their owner coming home from a job, even some familiar person or another canine friend. This is most common for puppies, but it can happen in adulthood.

7. Health problems

As you may think, reasons for peeing in the house could also be medical. Your dog could have different health problems that will cause him to urinate in the house.

Some of the health concerns that can cause peeing in the house include:

dog pee in house

If your dog constantly urinates in the house, you should contact your vet and schedule a meeting. You will need to determine what is bothering your dog to help him. All mentioned health problems can be cured, but the main thing you should remember is not to postpone going to the vet.

The faster you seek vets' help, the greater the chances your dog will fully recover.

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8. Aging

Like humans, dogs will also age; with old age, some problems will come that we cannot control. Peeing in the house could just indicate that your dog is getting older. The best thing you can do for your senior dog if this happens is to provide him with more daily walks and potty breaks. That way, you can ensure that accidents will not occur in the house.

Also, talk with your vet; he will gladly explain how you can help your senior dog live a happy and healthy life.

How to stop your dog from peeing in the house?

Dogs could start peeing in the house because of many different reasons. To eliminate this dog behavior, first, you will have to find a valid reason why your dog does it. After you find the reason, you can focus on eliminating this problem. Here are a few of our recommendations on where to start

1. Train your dog

The first thing you need to think about is to retrain your dog. Maybe your dog forgot where he should take a potty break, or he didn't fully understand the first time. Take your time and slowly retrain your dog to taking potty breaks.

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2. Take more potty breaks

Maybe your dog can't hold his bladder for long, and you will have to provide him with more potty breaks. Find the best routine that works with your dog and stick to it. Dogs love to have a routine, and once you establish one, don't change it since it can cause problems for the dog, and he could start urinating in the house.

3. Find a trigger

You will have to find a trigger if something is causing your dog to pee in the house. After you find the trigger, you will have to remove it from your dog's environment, if possible, or teach your dog to live with it.

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4. Clean stains

After the first incident, you must thoroughly clean that part of your house. Otherwise, your dog could think this is a new place where he could take a potty break.

5. Seek help

If it seems that nothing works with your dog, and he keeps peeing in the house, you will have to seek professional help. Call your vet and ask for advice. They have much more experience and will gladly help you and your dog.

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Seeing your dog pee in the house could be frustrating, and many dog owners will try to punish their dogs, but we suggest you not to do it. There could be a majority of different reasons why your dog does it. By punishing your dog, you will not get anything done. Instead, you should focus on the main reason your dog does it. When you find a reason, talk with your vet and try to correct the dog's behavior with treats and praises.

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