Is Your Dog Peeing On Other Dogs? Here Are The 5 Main Reasons

Is Your Dog Peeing On Other Dogs? Here Are The 5 Main Reasons

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jun 09 2023


If you are a dog owner, there will be a situation when you will catch your dog doing some weird and inexplicable things. Peeing on other dogs is one of those behaviors. Although you can be in shock if you see it for the first time and you consider it disgusting behavior, there are some reasons why dogs do it.

To stop this behavior from happening in the future, first, you will have to find the main reason why your dog does it. Stay with us and discover: why dogs pee on other dogs?

Why do dogs pee on other dogs?

Seeing your dog pee on other dogs in the park or in the street can trigger some thinking. Our group of dog trainers explained to us why this behavior could happen. Here are the 5 main reasons why dogs pee on other dogs.

1. Marking

Dogs are known for marking territory, but did you know that as a part of marking, they could pee on other dogs? If your dog senses that the other dog could invade “his territory,” there is a possibility that your dog will pee on him.

guilty dog

This behavior should be addressed immediately. For starters, if your dog is prone to such behavior, put him on a leash near other dogs. Keeping your dog away is good for starters, but if you want to completely eliminate this dog behavior, you will have to dig a little deeper. You will have to change his hereditary behavior. If you are unsure how to do it, contacting a dog trainer for help could be a good idea.

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2. Establishing social dominance

Dogs are territorial by nature and will try to express their dominance every chance they get. If you have a dog breed that is considered territorial by nature, you should be extra careful. They could easily pee on other dogs to let them know they are "running the show."

Dogs express their dominance by holding tails high, ears forward, and heads high. In this position, the dog will be taller than he usually is, and wants another dog to know that. To stop this behavior, you must train your dog every chance your get. You need to reward your dog for every good behavior, and with the right approach, you can stop this bad behavior.

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3. Anxiety

Today, there are a lot of dogs that suffer from some type of anxiety. Anxiety could be the reason why your dog is peeing on other dogs. If another dog gets too close to your dog, maybe that will be too much for your dog to handle, and he will start peeing.

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To put a stop to anxiety peeing, you must socialize your dog in the right way. Seeking help from a professional could also be a good idea if you want to resolve this problem faster.

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4. Excitement

There could be situations where your dog will pee on another dog out of pure excitement. Maybe your dog is happy that he sees his friends and can’t hold his bladder. Socializing your dog can be the solution to this type of problem.

If your dog has a history of peeing on other dogs out of excitement, we advise you to let your dog pee before you get him to meet his dog friends.

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5. Accident

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are situations where accidents will happen. Young dogs and puppies can pee on other dogs as an accident since they are always running and exploring the world, and they will relieve themselves without looking where they are peeing.

It is a widely known fact that dogs like to sniff each other. While one dog sniffs, the other could start peeing without seeing the first dog.

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dog looking

If you catch your dog peeing on other dogs by accident, you don’t have to correct this behavior since they don’t do it on purpose.


Dogs can exhibit weird behaviors, and peeing on other dogs is one of them. If you catch your dog peeing on other dogs, you must first find the reason for such behavior; after you find the reason, you must address the problem to prevent it. This behavior can be solved; in most cases, proper socialization will do the trick.

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