4 Most Common Reasons Why Dogs Jump On You

4 Most Common Reasons Why Dogs Jump On You

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 05 2023


Dogs are happy and playful creatures, and it is no surprise that dogs will get excited whenever they see their owners or other familiar people. In this act, some dogs could exhibit not so wanted behavior – jumping on people. But why do dogs like to jump on people? Is it something they cannot control, or is this a behavior problem that must be addressed?

Understanding the root cause of this behavior is essential for dog owners and other individuals. We are here to help you understand why your dog could exhibit this behavior and what you can do to stop it from happening in the future.

1. Natural Instinct

Jumping on different things and often time people is written in their genes. Since the dogs are descendants of wolves, many of them jumped and licked the faces of the more dominant individuals as a sign of submission and respect.

This behavior has carried over to domesticated dogs, and if your dog likes to jump on you or on other people, he might want to seek attention or approval.

2. Greeting

Dogs have different ways of communicating with their humans. When the dog encounters a familiar or friendly individual or even a stranger, he might want to jump on them to greet them with excitement and affection.

This behavior is similar to a handshake gesture in humans, and although it is not dangerous, you should consider how to stop it since not all people like to be jumped on.

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3. Seeking attention

Dogs will always crave attention from their humans, and if they feel left alone from certain activities or if you don't interact with your dog for a longer period, don't be surprised if he decides to jump on you to get your attention.

This is especially true; if a dog jumps on a person and receives praise, treats, or even laughter, they will be more likely to continue this behavior in the future.

4. Dominance display

For certain dogs, jumping on you could indicate asserting dominance. This behavior will indicate that your dog is trying to establish himself as alpha and a leader in your relationship.

This is most common for more "aggressive dogs," and this behavior should be stopped immediately because if you allow your dog to jump on you in asserting dominance matter, you can end up with many additional behavioral problems for your dog.

How to stop my dog from jumping on people?

Now that you understand the main reason behind this dog behavior, it is time to find out how to stop it and prevent it from happening in the future. Make sure to follow this guide, and you can be sure that you will be able to eliminate this behavior from your dog's life.

1. Proper training

All dog's behaviors, or better said, misbehaviors could be adjusted with good training. When training your dog to stop jumping on people, the most important thing is consistency. Whenever you catch your dog starting to jump on people, you must always correct this behavior because even if you let him once get away with it, the training will be interrupted.

Also, ensure that every family member or person handling your dog do the same. You should always reward your dog for good behavior, and with consistency, you can be sure that you will eliminate this behavior.

2. Redirecting energy

Another effective way to manage dogs jumping on people is to reduce their energy into a more appropriate activity. If your dog is prone to jumping, consider teaching them different behaviors, such as sitting, laying, or shaking hands.

If you redirect their energy, you will gradually decrease the amount of jumping while keeping your dog happy.

3. Positive reinforcements

You should always reward your dog for appropriate behavior. Whenever your dog greets someone without jumping, praise them and offer him some delicious treats. These positive reinforcements will help reinforce the desired behavior and discourage jumping on people in the future.

4. Obedience

If it seems you cannot control your dog and can't eliminate jumping on people from his life, consider enrolling him in an obedience training course. A good and qualified trainer could help identify the root of this problem and provide personalized guidance on how to address it properly.

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5. Socialization

Proper socialization is crucial to teaching your dog how to interact with other humans and animals. By exposing your dog to many different environments, people, animals, sounds, etc., he will learn how to react properly in many different situations. If your dog starts to misbehave, you can immediately correct this behavior and not allow it to escalate.

6. Patience

It is important that during this process, you remain calm and patient. Do not expect an immediate result, as it may take weeks or even months of consistent training before your dog learns to behave properly. Stay positive and persistent, and eventually, your efforts will pay off.

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