Are Peaches Good For Your Dog?

Are Peaches Good For Your Dog?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 10 2023


Dogs are naturally curious about everything we eat, and they would gladly take a bite of anything on our plate. That includes fruits. If you ever wondered whether your dog can have peaches, the shortest possible answer would be - yes. However, there are a few things you should know before you start freely giving your dog this delicious fruit.

Peaches are one of the best summer treats that are packed with healthy nutrients. They are rich in vitamins and sugar, so you have to be a bit careful about how much and which parts of the fruit you feed to your dog. These are the most important things to know about dogs and peaches.

Are peaches beneficial to dogs?

Peaches offer plenty of health benefits to a dog’s health, and there are plenty of nutrients that can be extremely beneficial. Keep in mind that dogs are carnivores, so fruits are not necessary for their diet.

You should stick to the golden rule when it comes to their diet - 90% should come from their food, either industrial or homemade, and 10% should come from treats. That is precisely how you should think of peaches for dogs; as a treat. Here are some of the benefits peaches offer.

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1. Antioxidants

Peaches act as antioxidants, which can be very beneficial to dogs as well as humans. Antioxidants help defend cells from free radicals, and it is considered one of the best ways to protect the body from cancer.

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2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally found in different foods, especially in fruits and vegetables. It helps the vision, reproductive system, and immune system function properly. Not only that, vitamin A is essential for the proper functioning of the lungs, heart, kidneys, and several other vital organs.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, and it is one of the most commonly used supplements. It plays a vital role in repairing and creating body tissue. It helps absorb iron, helps form collagen, and boosts the immune system.

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4. High in fiber

Peaches have high fiber content, which can be excellent if your dog is suffering from diarrhea. Fiber will soak the moisture and add bulk to the dog’s stool, effectively helping clear that nasty gastrointestinal upset.

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Can peaches be bad for dogs?

There are some cases where dogs should not have peaches, and not all parts of it are safe for dogs to eat. There are four main parts to focus on: leaves, stem, pit, and “meat.”

You should never let your dog eat the stem, leaves, or pit. They contain cyanide that is toxic and can cause several issues if your dog gets ahold of these parts. One stem or pit might not be a problem, but if your dog eats a lot of them, you should probably call your vet and ask for advice.

The pit is especially tricky, and you should avoid it at all costs. Not only does it contain cyanide, but it is also abrasive and has rough edges that can cause intestinal blockage and perforation. The pit is also a choking hazard, so be especially careful feeding peaches to small dog breeds.

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How can dogs have peaches safely?

There is a way you can safely feed your dog this delicious fruit, and you should follow these instructions to avoid any potential problems or accidents. Start by washing the peaches and make sure you remove all pesticides and dirt from the skin. You can never be absolutely sure if any fruit has been treated with potentially toxic pesticides unless the fruit comes from your own garden or orchard.

The second thing you should do is remove the stem and the pit. To do that, you should slice the peach in half, and when you remove the pit, you will still see traces of it stuck in the meaty part of the fruit. Remove all traces of it, and make sure your dog doesn’t ingest any cyanide contained in the pit and pit remains.

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The third part is slicing the peach into tiny, easily-digestible pieces. This is especially important for smaller dogs that can quickly choke, trying to eat as fast as they can. They will most likely love the taste; you just need to remember not to overdo it.

If you ever wondered, “can dogs have peaches,” now you can be sure that they are not only safe but also very beneficial for your dog’s health. Your dog will surely enjoy getting them as a tasty treat, added to their meals as a fun twist, or even frozen during hot summer days.

Remember to watch your dog closely for any allergic reaction signs the first time you give them peaches. Before you decide to introduce something new to your dog’s diet, make sure you talk to your vet about potential dangers for your dog and ask for their advice.

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