Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus?

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Dogs love eating vegetables, and there are many they can safely consume without having tummy problems afterward. You might be wondering if your dog can eat asparagus, and the shortest answer would be - yes.

As a dog owner, coming up with new things that your dog might enjoy can be tricky. Most of us would love to get our pups something delicious and healthy, but we should learn what is safe for them and what is not before we do that.

Are asparagus healthy for dogs?

Yes, asparagus is very healthy, and that is why it is safe to give some to your dog. Dogs are natural omnivores (they eat everything), and they get all the health benefits we do from the same veggies.

Health benefits for dogs

These delicious plants have low sugar and fat values and are rich in fiber and vitamins. Different nutrients can be beneficial for your dog if fed properly. The best things in asparagus are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Folic acid
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous
  • Fiber


Vitamins help your dog’s body function the best and healthiest way; they help their immune system, play a part in tissue repair and production, boost growth, etc. Fiber is also vital for good digestion, although too much can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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What are the health risks of a dog eating asparagus?

Your dog can safely eat asparagus, but there are things you should know and potential problems you should avoid. Like with any vegetable, your dog should not overeat it, and you should stick to the amount your vet recommended. You should keep an eye on three main things, and those are upset stomach, choking, and feeding the wrong plant.

Upset stomach

Feeding too much asparagus to your dog can lead to an upset stomach. While small amounts of fiber are generally good, too much can cause diarrhea, gas, and vomiting. If you cook them, make sure they are soft so your dog can easily digest them.


Giving your dog raw asparagus presents a choking hazard. Their stems are stiff, and dogs tend to eat and swallow things whole. They can quickly start choking if the stem is too long. Before feeding your dog with this healthy snack, cut it into small pieces.

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Wrong plant

Edible asparagus can be delicious and healthy, but a plant called “asparagus fern” is highly toxic for humans and dogs. Asparagus fern is not a fern at all and can be often found in gardens worldwide. They are resilient and should never be given to your dog.

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How should I give asparagus to my dog?

If you decided to give your dog asparagus and your vet said it is safe to do so, the next thing you should know is how to safely feed your dog asparagus. There are three  steps you need to remember, and they are;

  • Safe cooking - Never give your dog raw asparagus. Make sure that it is adequately cooked and do not use any seasoning. Humans love to add things like salt, oil, or butter, all of which are not safe for dogs.
  • Cutting - Even cooked asparagus can present a choking hazard. You must cut it up into small pieces so your dog can eat it without getting a piece lodged in its throat.
  • Portion control - Keep their portions small. One ingredient should never be overfed to a dog, especially one that is not usually on their menu. This vegetable can be given as a delicious addition to their daily meal.  

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