Best Dog Hair Dye for Special Occasions

Best Dog Hair Dye for Special Occasions

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Coloring your dog’s coat is not something you should do every day. However, for special occasions like dog-friendly Halloween parties or costume parties, you should know how to safely color your dog’s coat with safe dog hair dye. Many questions are surrounding these products, so we will help you get all the answers before you decide to experiment with hair dye for dogs.

How long does dog hair dye last?

The exact time your dog can have dyed hair will depend on what type of product you use. Some dog hair dyes are made so they last about a day or two and can be rinsed with a single bath. Some products will last longer, and you might have to bathe your dog a couple of times before you completely wash out the hair dye.

Is hair dye safe for dogs?

Generally speaking, hair dye for dogs is safe, but it will depend on your dog and on the product you use. If your dog has allergies, it would be best not to experiment with hair dye. You should never use human hair dye on your dog. Never let your dog lick or ingest the dog hair dye or create too much stress for the dog just to get their hair dyed.

How to safely use hair dye for dogs?

Like with any other dog product, there are some rules you should follow, and you can be sure the hair-dying process will go smoothly and safely. Here are the most important rules to follow;

  • Use only hair dye specifically developed for dogs
  • Look for reputable manufacturers
  • Keep the dye away from the dog’s mouth, nose, or inner side of ears
  • Wear gloves
  • Keep your dog happy through the dying process
  • Set realistic expectations

How to get the dog’s coat back to normal?

The good news is, getting the dog’s hair back to normal shouldn’t be so hard. Most hair dyes for dogs require a thorough bath, and your dog’s fur will get back to its normal color. The best way to do that is with water and dog shampoo. However, it would be best to avoid using your bath since there is a chance it could get colored. You can use dedicated dog bathtubs or wash your dog in the yard.

Here are the best hair dyes for dogs;

Opawz Dog Hair Dye Gel

When it comes to dog hair dye, the obvious top pick and the safest choice out there is the Opawz Dog Hair Dye Gel. This product comes in 16 colors and is completely safe for dogs. However, this is a relatively long-lasting dog hair dye. Make sure you are ready for your dog to walk around with a different hair dye for at least 8 baths. This gel-based formula doesn’t contain any ammonia or chemicals that could hurt your dog. It is considered a semi-permanent dog hair dye, and it can be used on cats and horses. There is no fuss about mixing colors or adding anything - simply apply and wait.

Petway Paint Spray for Dogs

Our second choice for the best dog hair dye is actually a hair spray. The Petway Paint Spray for Dogs is ideal for Halloween parties and one-day events your dog can attend with a colored coat. This colored dog hair spray can be washed off with a single bath, so it is really the go-to product for one-day parties. This product is not toxic to dogs, and it doesn’t even have a strong hair spray scent like human hair sprays have. It comes in 9 different colors, and you can easily choose something that will suit your dog. Plus, traditional dyes require time and patience; this one offers immediate results.

Opawz Hair Chalk Paint Pens

Another excellent choice for dog owners that want instant results is the Opawz Hair Chalk Paint Pens. Each of these pen sets comes with 12 pens, and if you have dogs and kids, the fun will never stop. This product allows you to free draw on your dog, and if you have drawing talent (unlike us), you can let your creativity fly. However, if you are looking to dye your dog’s whole coat, this probably isn’t the ideal product.

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