Simplicef for Dogs: Usage, Dosage & Side Effects

Simplicef for Dogs: Usage, Dosage & Side Effects

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Bacterial infections are common in dogs. In fact, they often happen as secondary infections after wounds or other issues that create an opening for bacteria to enter the dog’s body. One of the most common places dogs get bacterial infections is their skin. The skin protects them, but bacteria can enter and infect the dog’s skin if it gets punctured.

If that happens, the vet should prescribe potent antibiotics to eliminate the problem-causing bacteria. One of those antibiotics is called Simplicef. If your dog has gotten a prescription, here’s what you should know about Simplicef for dogs, its usage, dosage, and potential side effects.

What is Simplicef for dogs?

As we mentioned earlier, Simplicef is an antibiotic vets prescribe for treating skin infections in dogs. More precisely, it is a third-generation cephalosporin antibiotic. It is mainly used for skin infections, but vets can prescribe them off-label for urinary tract infections. This is a fairly common practice in veterinary medicine. The active ingredient in this medication is cefpodoxime, and it is very effective against;

  • Streptococcus canis
  • Staphylococcus
  • Pasteurella species
  • E. coli

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Is it safe for dogs?

This medication was developed specifically for dogs, so we fully expect it to be safe. However, many vets get the question, “Is Simplicef safe for my dog?” Naturally, dog owners want to help their dogs, but they don’t want to give them medications that are considered risky. Luckily, Simplicef is considered very safe. Overdoses are rare, but dog owners should still stick to the recommended dosages and not medicate their dogs without talking to their vets.

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Simplicef side effects

Simplicef for dogs is considered safe, but like any other drug, it can cause certain side effects. Some dogs might react well to it and have no issues at all. However, some dogs might develop side effects, so it is essential their owners know what those side effects might be. We should know what to expect so we know how to react if our dogs develop them. The most common Simplicef side effects in dogs are;

The good news is that side effects are very rare. Dogs usually have no problems taking this medication. However, if you notice your dog’s side effects become severe, contact your vet.

Can dogs be allergic to Simplicef?

Antibiotic allergies are not rare. In fact, many dogs are allergic to antibiotics, which means common treatments are off-limits for them. Luckily, Simplicef allergies, like its side effects, are incredibly rare. Nevertheless, they can happen, and dog owners should contact their vets if they notice their dogs have an allergic reaction. You can notice an allergic reaction if you see your dog hiving, itching, vomiting, develop skin redness, itching, or swelling.

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Is it effective?

Another question dog owners want to know the answer to is, “Is Simplicef effective?” We want to know how fast this drug will help our dogs and its effectiveness against the bacteria that infected our dog’s skin. Again, there is some good news. Simplicef, with its active ingredient cefpodoxime, is considered very effective. Dogs usually show signs of clinical improvement after a few days. However, dog owners should make sure their dogs finish the whole treatment course. Stopping too soon can mean some bacteria are still alive, and the infection can reoccur.

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How is Simplicef given to dogs?

Simplicef comes in the form of pills, but generic cefpodoxime medications can also come as an oral suspension. We prefer pills because they are easier to measure precisely. This medication can be given to dogs with or without food. If the dog’s stomach gets upset when taking the pill on an empty stomach, you can give it a bit of food next time.

Simplicef dosage for dogs

If the dog has to take a medication, the dosage is crucial. Too much can lead to overdosing, and the drug will not be more effective if the dog takes a larger dose. If the dosage is too small, the drug will not eliminate all bacteria. The usual dosage of Simplicef for dogs is 2,2 mg/lb - 4,4 mg/lb of body weight. The vet will determine the exact dosage for each dog based on the dog’s symptoms, condition, and medical history.

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Where can I get Simplicef for my dog?

Simplicef is a controlled substance, which means it can only be given on prescription. The first thing dog owners should do is visit their vets. Their vets will determine what type of treatment their dogs need. If they think Simplicef is the best way to go, they will write them a prescription they can pick in veterinary pharmacies. If they prefer ordering online, they can go to Chewy’s online pharmacy and order it there. Still, Chewy’s online pharmacy will also require a vet prescription.

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