Pomeranian Husky - Cute Little Family Dog

Pomeranian Husky - Cute Little Family Dog

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 03 2023


The popularity of designer dog breeds is on the rise. There is one mix people seem particularly interested in - the Pomeranian Husky. These two completely different breeds seem impossible to pair. Still, when the result is so cute, the popularity isn’t so surprising.

The Pomeranian Husky, or Pomsky, is an adorable little mix that has the potential to be a popular family pet with plenty of energy to follow its owners on any adventures. The Pomeranian Husky creators wanted to create a breed that would have the best of both parent breeds, and some owners say that they have been successful. Stick with us for more information about the Pomeranian Husky.

What kind of a pet is the Pomeranian Husky?

As its name suggests, the Pomeranian Husky is a mix between the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. The new puppies’ exact temperament might remain a mystery until they fully develop and we can observe their characteristics. There are things we managed to conclude based on the information provided by Pomeranian Husky owners.

pomeranian husky puppy

The Pomeranian Huskies seem to have lovely characters. They are entertaining to be around, and they make adaptable family pets with moderate to high energy levels. The character of each individual Pomeranian Husky puppy will be influenced by two things: genetics and training.


Like with any other crossbreed or designer breed, the Pomeranian Husky can take more or less from one side of the family. If the Husky side takes over, the puppies can inherit high energy levels, and they tend to be very vocal. Huskies, in general, are very vocal, and they love letting you know how they feel. If the Pomeranian side ends up being dominant, the Pomeranian Husky puppy might end up being proud and alert.

It is more likely that the new puppies will be a mix of the parent breeds. Most of these dogs end up becoming one-person dogs. They will choose one owner to be their true owner, and the rest of the family will be tolerated. You mustn’t skip the next part.


All dogs have specific characteristics, but whether or not they will be good family dogs doesn’t only depend on their genes. Behavior is learned, and the more time dog owners invest in their dogs, the better the dog will behave. If the owner works and trains their dog, that dog will most likely be obedient and respectful.

husky puppy on snowHusky puppy

They will learn how to behave in different situations and will always look at their owners for permission to do something. The same story is with the Pomeranian Husky mix. They can be stubborn and challenging to train, but you can end up with an obedient dog that will know how to behave in all situations if you persevere.

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The second part of this process is socialization. The Pomeranian Husky can only learn how to properly behave if they were socialized correctly when they were young. Make sure your puppy experiences new things, situations, sounds, and sights. Take them to a busy dog park where they can learn how to behave around new dogs and people. Remember to give them a lot of treats in both of these processes.


The exact physical and mental characteristics of a Pomeranian Husky puppy will be a secret until the puppy develops. Only then can we be sure about what the dog will actually look like? It is safe to say they will be between the sizes of their two parent breeds. Most Pomeranian Husky dogs are 10 - 15 inches tall, and they weigh around 20 - 30 pounds. Since the Pomeranian Husky is a crossbreed, there is a chance the dog will be almost as tall as a pureblooded Husky or nearly as small as a Pomeranian. There are far too many genetic combinations, to be sure.

Pomeranian Husky’s coat

One of their defining characteristics is their coats. These dogs are part Nordic dogs (from their Husky side of the family). Nordic dogs have thick, double coats that had to keep them insulated from freezing temperatures. The Pomeranian Husky’s both parents have double coats, so there is no possibility that these dogs end up with a single coat.

They are heavy shedders, and all future owners will need to be prepared for that. Twice a year, the Pomeranian Husky blows their entire coat. At that time, it will seem as if the hair is literally falling off them as they walk. It would be a good idea to invest in a good vacuum cleaner that can help owners take care of the mess. Check out this article for ideas - Best vacuum cleaners for dog hair.

pomeranian puppyPomeranian puppy

Health issues

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to designer breeds is their health. There is a widespread belief that crossbreeds are healthier than pureblooded dogs, but that is not necessarily true. The Pomeranian Husky can be affected by health issues from both sides of the family. Some of the common problems noticed in these dogs were;

Getting a Pomeranian Husky puppy

Getting a designer breed like the Pomeranian Husky could be tricky. This is not a breed recognized by renowned cynology associations like the American Kennel Club, so there is no control over breeders producing them. The average price of a Pomeranian Husky puppy is around $1.300. Still, dogs whose parents have outstanding pedigrees can go as high as $5.000.

Most breeders that are breeding crossbreeds are doing that to earn extra money. Keep that in mind if you are interested in getting a Pomeranian Husky puppy. The better option would be to adopt. Get in touch with the Husky rescue group and ask if they have dogs mixed with the Pomeranian. Remember, when it comes to designer breeds and crossbreeds, the best policy is “Adopt, don’t shop!”

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