Must Know Cane Corso Training Tips

Must Know Cane Corso Training Tips

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There aren’t many breeds more impressive than the mighty Cane Corso. No matter where these dogs go, they will automatically draw attention. Some might be scared of them, and others will look in admiration. However, living with and raising a Cane Corso can be tricky. Here are a few Cane Corso training tips you might find helpful. 

Training a Cane Corso

If performed correctly, the Cane Corso training will get great results since these dogs have an excellent natural working talent and will to please the owner. All Molossian dogs are incredibly faithful; they are very attached to their owner and sometimes can even seem almost "shadowy." Once you and your dog understand each other’s positions within the family, training will be a lot easier.

Since these dogs are extremely playful and need to please the owner, you will find that this breed reacts best to training based on the game and reward system.

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Setting the groundwork

When raising and training your Cane Corso, you need to establish rules. These rules must be obeyed at all times, and you should always be consistent and follow through with your intentions. You should be firm and decisive, never aggressive or trying to establish your dominance with fear. Being firm and strict doesn’t mean you are aggressive. These dogs are dominant by nature, so you will need to establish your position from the start.

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Fear-based training

One thing you should avoid with all dogs in general, but especially the Cane Corso, is training based on violence, constant punishment, and fear. This training technique has been tried out many times in their history, and it usually ends with some sort of a problem. Since these dogs are big and powerful, even their smallest act of self-defense can inflict a lot of damage and cause harm. 

You should not forget that this dog breed was selectively bred for becoming a good companion dog that guards their territory and defends its owner and family.

If you want your Cane Corso to develop into the best pet possibly, they have to love and listen to you. Correct aggressive behavior from the beginning and make sure you understand the difference between self-defense and protection, and plain old aggressive, dominant behavior.

Basic Cane Corso training

Every new Cane Corso owner should know a couple of basic things their new puppy should learn. The most essential aspects of Cane Corso training are:

  • Crate training
  • “Bravery” training
  • Potty training
  • Socialization
  • Leash training
  • Care training
  • Discipline
  • Obedience

Crate training a Cane Corso

Crate training is essential from the beginning. In the wild, pack leaders sleep on higher ground than other pack members. Remind your puppy you are the leader and don’t allow them to sleep in your bed. Keep them in your proximity, so they don’t feel alone.

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Bravery training

Bravery training refers to training your dog to spend some time alone. It is not the best idea that your dog gets all their bravery and strength from you. Your new Cane Corso puppy needs to learn to be on their own from time to time. Plus, this is a great way to prevent separation anxiety from developing and causing behavioral issues.

Potty training

The key to successful potty training is constantly watching your puppy. If the puppy does its business inside the house - it’s your fault. Keep a close eye on them and make sure you take them out after meals, playtime, and after they wake up. Consistency is the key when potty training your Cane Corso puppy.

Accidents are inevitable when raising a new puppy. If you want your carpets and other surfaces to survive a puppy, you should use powerful and pet-safe cleaning solutions.


Socialization is a huge part of every dog’s life, and it should play a massive part in your new Cane Corso puppy’s life. Make sure your new puppy experiences as many situations as possible so it can learn how to adequately react in each of them. As soon as your puppy received all their shots, take them to a dog park and have them socialize and play with other dogs.

Leash training

Nobody wants to end up with a dog constantly pulling them, so you must leash train your dog. Make sure your dog knows when they are allowed to stop, smell, and mark territory. Also, life is a lot easier when your dog can go to the bathroom on command.


These dogs need strong leashes for walking. You don’t want a leash that will break after a few walks. Here are our favorites - Best rope leashes for dogs.

Care training

Taking proper grooming care of your new dog is extremely important for their health. If you have a 110 lbs dog that is not calm during bath time, it can become messy. Make sure your dog is used to bathing, teeth cleaning, and nail trimming from the beginning. Start getting your dog used to being handled by you or the groomer. Touch your dog’s paws, tail, and other body parts they might not be as comfortable with. The sooner you start, the easier it will be later.

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This type of training is mainly focused on teaching your dog what their place in the pack is. Start with holding your puppy and scratching them while they lay on their back in your lap. That way, your dog becomes submissive and learns you are their boss. Your dog needs to know there are house rules they need to obey. You can’t have a Cane Corso running your home.

Obedience training

Obedience training should start as soon as your puppy arrives, but proper training should begin when the puppy is at least 16 weeks. Ask a professional trainer that can handle working breeds for help, and they will teach you proper correction techniques. Asking a professional trainer for help will ensure you end up with the best possible dog. You can read more about the importance of obedience training here - Obedience training.

Advanced Cane Corso training tips

If you are not a professional dog trainer, teaching your Cane Corso advanced commands will be tricky. Mind you, it is not impossible, but it is challenging, to say the least. If you want to train your Cane Corso for a specific task, we would advise you to get a professional dog trainer’s help. Make sure they have experience working with this breed, and they will help you with getting your dog to play a specific role.

In conclusion

We hope these helpful Cane Corso training tips help! Plus, getting in touch with the owner community can be a great thing to do. Nothing can replace an experienced owner that already managed to raise a well-behaved Cane Corso.

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