Interesting Cane Corso Fun Facts

Interesting Cane Corso Fun Facts

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Cane Corso is a dog breed whose popularity is on the rise. It is a beautiful and impressive dog breed that is not for the weak-willed owners who do not have enough experience in raising a dominant breed.

This magnificent breed is excellent at guarding both people as well as estates and homes. These dogs were used for hundreds, if not thousands of years for protection, and the ancient Romans apparently used them for war efforts, hunting, and gladiator shows. There is absolutely no doubt that the mighty Cane Corso is an impressive breed, but these dogs are not for everybody.

They can be absolutely wonderful pets and companion dogs if you raise them right and they are properly socialized. They require a lot of attention and are very focused on their owner and their family.

Here are 6 interesting things you might not have known about these dogs.

1. Cane Corso prononciation

Many people are struggling with the proper pronunciation of the name “Cane Corso” so these dogs were given all sorts of names and nicknames, and one of them is “King Corso.” We get that this breed has an impressive statue, we want to help get things straight. First things first, the correct pronunciation is KAH-NAY KOR-SO.

2. Extrovert dog breed

These dogs are naturally very friendly and outgoing. The breed is very sensitive and warm, especially towards their family, and very social by nature. They do not prefer to spend a lot of time on their own and require a lot of attention in order for them not to develop destructive behavior.

cane corso puppies

3. Cane Corso colors

Such a popular dog breed will naturally attract shady breeders that will try and sell dogs that are not properly raised and bred. One of the basic things you should know if you are interested in getting a Cane Corso is their colors. The official standard of this breed allows it to come in black, grey, red, and fawn. All of these colors can have a brindle pattern on them. Small white patches are allowed on their chest and feet.

Blue Cane Corso

Like in many other breeds, the “blue” color is not actually allowed by the Cane Corso standard. However, some breeders can produce blue Cane Corsos as a result of breeding black and grey parents. Puppies might end up with a coat that has a distinct mix between these two colors and they end up giving a blue impression. It does not mean these dogs are actually blue, they are actually grey.

Formentino Cane Corso

The formentino Cane Corso is an Italian expression for a specific coloring of the Cane Corso and it describes the color of fermented wheat. It is a dilution of the fawn color that gives a unique coloring for these dogs. Formentino dogs are washed-out or carbon-colored fawn and have a blue mask. These uniquely-colored dogs are gaining popularity and formentino is quickly becoming a popular choice of the future Cane Corso owners.

4. Cane Corso insurance problems

People who have any level of fear of dogs will for sure experience fear and anxiety around the Cane Corso. Even some home insurance companies will not reimburse damaging caused by some dog breeds, and the Cane Corso is usually one of them. It is best to check with your insurance company if you are unsure.

cane corso puppy

5. Dominant Cane Corso

With high intelligence, a Cane Corso requires an owner and training from someone who has a lot of training experience. This dog breed needs to clearly understand who they should listen to and who the alpha is, so if you are unsure of your level of authority and your ability to handle this dominant and strong dog, you might want to consider a different and more submissive dog breed.

6. Strict no-aggression policy

Hitting or any kind of other forms of violence is a terrible idea when training a Cane Corso (or any dog). The violence of any kind will tell your dog the wrong message, which can potentially be extremely dangerous when dealing with such a strong breed. They respond extremely well to praise and rewards. If you are a Cane Corso owner, you should always use positive reinforcement methods of training.

This dog breed has a negative and dangerous reputation but it is mostly misinformation. They can be a wonderful addition to your family and if you treat them right, they will be the best possible companion in the world.

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