Irish Wolfhound Rescue | 5 Places to Adopt

Irish Wolfhound Rescue | 5 Places to Adopt

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The Irish Wolfhound is one of the most impressive dog breeds you can ever come across. We can certainly understand the desire to bring one of these dogs to your home. However, some future and existing dog owners don’t want to buy their pets. They want to adopt them. It is a noble thing to do, and you are effectively saving two lives. Not only the life of the dog you’re taking home but also the one that will have a spot at the rescue.

Irish Wolfhounds are absolutely massive. It is one of those dog breeds that capture the owner’s heart in a very specific way. However, the main problem with adopting an Irish Wolfhound is - there aren’t many dogs in rescues and shelters. That is not a bad thing, but that also means these dogs are not as popular as some other breeds. If you’re looking into the option of adopting one of these dogs, your best bet is to contact an Irish Wolfhound rescue.

Things to consider before adopting

Rescuing an Irish Wolfhound is not the same as rescuing smaller dog breeds. These dogs will need certain things in life. While Irish Wolfhound rescue might approve your application, you need to make sure you are mentally prepared for one of these dogs. Here are a few important things you need to consider before getting in touch with an Irish Wolfhound rescue;


Think about how much space these dogs need. Simply walking around your home can be dangerous. These dogs are giants, and they need more room and a much larger bed. Make sure your home can accommodate such a large breed.


Big dogs cost more. Giant breeds like the Irish Wolfhound eat a lot of food. Their collars, beds, toys, crates… everything costs more. Make sure your budget allows you to own an Irish Wolfhound, and you’re able to take care of their needs.

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Many Irish Wolfhound rescues mention owners should think about transportation for their dogs. If you have to take your dog to the vet, a small car won’t do. You need to have a large vehicle that can fit your friendly giant.

Fenced yard

Most rescues require their potential adopters to have a fenced yard. That is very important for large dogs like the Irish Wolfhound. They need space for running, and many applications get denied because applicants don’t have a yard.

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Best Irish Wolfhound rescues

If you’re looking to adopt a giant companion, you’re the best chance is to get in touch with a breed-specific rescue. Irish Wolfhounds are very specific, and not many of these dogs end up in shelters or rescues. Here are the best Irish Wolfhound rescues you could contact;

1. The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Foundation

The Irish Wolfhound Rescue Foundation is not only focused on rescuing these dogs. However, they work with shelters and other breed-specific rescues, and they can certainly point you in the right direction. One of the best things these guys do is help Irish Wolfhound adopters. They are aware that these dogs cost a lot, and they can even provide financial support to rescuers. They have fantastic resources and will connect you to people and shelters to get you one of these dogs.

State: All USA

Contact: [email protected]


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2. Irish Wolfhound Club of America

The Irish Wolfhound Club of America is the breed’s parent club. They are in charge of the breed’s standard and focus on breeding quality all over the US. They have a rescue committee that is dedicated to saving these dogs. That committee is entirely volunteer-run. It works on the foster home principle, where dogs in need are rehabilitated until they’re ready for their new homes. Dogs in their care are spayed or neutered, and they can even ship dogs for adoption overseas.

State: All USA

Contact: 609-268-9373


3. Irish Wolfhound Rescue of the Mid South

If you’re from the south of the US and looking to adopt an Irish Wolfhound, the Irish Wolfhound Rescue of the Mid South is your best chance of getting one of these dogs. This is one of those rescues that will not even consider homes without fenced yards. That is simply because these dogs need a place to safely run and exercise, and they believe that is impossible without a fence. You can apply for adoption, and someone from their team will contact you fairly quickly.

States: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, and Florida

Contact: [email protected]


irish wolfhound on grass

4. Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley

The Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley is a part of the Irish Rescue Foundation. It is specialized in rescuing dogs in the Greater Philadelphia area. The good news is that not many of these dogs end up in rescues. Nevertheless, there are cases when their owners simply cannot take care of their dogs. If that happens, these guys will connect you to that dog in need. They have wonderful volunteers that will help you any way they can.

State: Pennsylvania

Contact: [email protected]


5. South Central Irish Wolfhound Club

If you’re looking for an Irish Wolfhound in Texas, your best chance of adopting one is by getting in touch with the South Central Irish Wolfhound Club. These guys have a fantastic rescue department dedicated to saving abused, neglected, or abandoned dogs in their area. They work with breeders who also save this breed. If anyone knows where you could adopt an Irish Wolfhound in Texas, it’s these guys. They will provide dogs with all the vet attention they need and ensure they’re ready for the next step in their lives.

State: Texas

Contact: [email protected]


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