Getting a new puppy is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your family. Puppies fill us with joy and excitement; they bring laughter to our home and can even do wonders for our health. They make us go places and think of different things we can do to entertain them and ourselves. Most importantly, they love us unconditionally. They are your supporters and your biggest cheerleaders.

However, if you pick a breed you are not compatible with, you can end up with a broken heart, and your life can become a mess. You must think about various aspects of owning a puppy and a mature, full-grown dog that will have different needs. This is where a good dog breed selector quiz can help you. It can tell you that your ideal dog might not be the one you will end up with or be compatible with. It is better to find that out sooner than later.

Most important things to keep in mind

Picking a dog should not be a speedy process. Make sure you are physically and mentally ready to take care of a puppy. In the beginning, it will be like taking care of babies; they need to eat more often and go to the toilet every couple of hours. Puppies need to learn manners and have to be housebroken, which will require time and effort on your part. Every dog can be a great family pet, but the thing they need is training and socialization.

Dogs have some natural predisposition towards being shy, dominant, energetic, friendly, and many different things that are well-documented about pureblooded breeds. Many character traits can be compatible with your character, and the best thing is that you can choose what type of dog you want. Keep in mind that you should be realistic and not have illusions about yourself. Be real and decisive because that is the only way you can make the right decision for yourself and your family.

longhaired german shepherd

Some questions from this quiz might seem weird, but they are significant. Here is a detailed explanation to understand why these things are essential when deciding about getting a dog.

House or apartment

The question in the dog breed selector quiz that refers to your living situation is essential for several reasons. The first one is - your living conditions can determine the size of the dog. If you have a large house with plenty of room and a yard, you could easily get a large dog that needs plenty of space just to move around. If you have a yard, that means you can accommodate an active dog breed that needs several hours of running time every day.

While apartments might be a more affordable way of living, and some of us actually prefer them, there is usually one key difference - limited space. Smaller apartments might not be suitable for larger breeds. The better option would be a companion dog with a peaceful, friendly disposition, and they won’t bounce off the wall because they cannot roam around the yard.

Energy level

There are more than 400 registered dog breeds in the world and just under 200 in the US, and all of these breeds have different energy levels. If you are an active person who loves biking, hiking, jogging, or going camping, it is better to get an energetic breed like the Belgian Malinois or a Border Collie that can keep up with your lifestyle. A large massive breed like the Mastiff is lazy, and they will probably not enjoy the active lifestyle the other two breeds would.

golden retriver

You must understand what kind of person you are. Some dog owners think that their dog will turn them into a more active person, and sadly, that is rarely the case. If you get a highly energetic breed and you can’t keep up their pace, you can quickly end up with an unsatisfied dog that will develop behavioral issues. Make sure you have compatible energy with your new dog.

Grooming and shedding

Different breeds have different grooming needs. The dog breed selector quiz will help you understand which breed will be the ideal solution for you. If you don’t like having a house full of dog hair, then getting heavy-shedding breeds like a Golden Retriever or a Husky is probably not a good idea. Some dogs shed a lot, and some dogs barely shed. This is also a defining characteristic for all of us that suffer from dog hair allergies.

Grooming needs require time and patience. If you are a type that doesn’t love grooming their dog, then getting one that requires a lot of it is not the best option. Breeds like Bichon Frise or Yorkshire Terrier need a lot of grooming if you want them to look their best and keep their coat and hair healthy.

Family and other pets

There are dog breeds that make ideal companions to kids. They have plenty of energy and patience, and your kids can get a fantastic companion for life. If you have children, you should pick a dog that is not as fragile as a Chihuahua or intolerable of rough handling like the Akita. The ideal dog would be a breed that is patient and gets along great with kids.

poodle on meadow

Other pets

Some dogs prefer being alone, and they love having the status of a sole pet of the family. There are many energetic hunting dogs, like the German Shorthaired Pointer, that get along great with kids and active families, but their hunting instincts don’t allow them to get along great with smaller pets. They will see gerbils, cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs as prey, and those situations can end in disaster.

Think carefully about these things, and make sure you answer the questions as truthfully as possible. You don’t want to end up having to give up your dog because you are not compatible. Take this quiz, and you will have an excellent suggestion for a breed.

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