German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunting dog breed that originated in Germany. It was traditionally used to hunt different game and it has great retrieving skills from both land and water. The German Shorthaired Pointer, or GSP, is one of the most popular dog breeds for hunting as well as for companionship.

This breed is a great fit for people that live active lifestyles or have a large yard that allows the GSP to roam around, explore, and spend their large amount of energy.

German Shorthaired Pointer Height


21-25 in (53-64 cm)

German Shorthaired Pointer Weight


45-70 lb (20-32 kg)

German Shorthaired Pointer Origin



German Shorthaired Pointer Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

10-12 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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The German Shorthaired Pointer’s characteristics are those of a typical Pointer breed. These dogs have a noble and dignified appearance. Their build ensures them strength, speed, and most of all endurance. These dogs have smooth outlines and a shiny coat.

The German Shorthaired Pointer’s nose is usually brown in color and their muzzle is broad, long, and deep. They have medium-sized eyes with tight-fitting eyelids and usually dark brown in color. Their ears are broad and set high on their head. They fall flat and should never be twisted.

The GSP’s body is firm and strong. They have well-defined muscles and strong legs. Those traits were carefully bred and promoted in this breed with the goal of producing the ultimate hunting dog breed.

german shorthaired pointerPhoto: Nikol Kopp

German Shorthaired Pointer standards


  • Group 7 (Pointing Dogs), Section 1.1 (Continental Pointing Dogs “Braque” Type). With working trial.
  • height - males 24,5-26 in (62-66 cm), females 22,8-24,8 in (58-63)
  • date of acceptance -  1/1/1954


  • Sporting group
  • height - male 23-25 in (58,5-64 cm), female 21-23 in (53-58,5 cm)
  • weight - male 55-70 lbs (25-32 kg), female 45-60 lbs (20-27 kg)
  • year of acceptance - 1930

German Shorthaired Pointer temperament

The German Shorthaired Pointer is never shy nor aggressive. They are usually very friendly and enthusiastic about anything they do. They were bred as a hunting breed but this is a hunting breed that needs to live inside with humans. They are prone to separation anxiety and hate to be left alone for too long. The German Shorthaired Pointer’s temperament is playful and alert. They seem very interested in everything that is going on around them and they are especially interested in any animal that is in their yard or wherever they go.

These dogs make great companions and pets. They will have enough love and affection for their whole family but will most likely choose a single person they will care about the most and that will be their true owner.

GSP training

When approaching the German Shorthaired Pointer training it is important to know that they are very trainable but can be demanding, especially when they are between the ages of 6 months and three years. They are intelligent and quick learners but only if they respect you as their leader.

Train your dog in a positive way by rewarding good behavior with praises, treats, and food. You will achieve the status of someone with great resources and the dog will immediately respect you for it. Do not use fear, pain, or punishment as a training method because that can result in shyness, aggressiveness, and all-around bad behavior. Instead, correct their bad behavior in a non-threatening and calm way.

german shorthaired pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer socialization

All dog breeds require early socialization and German Shorthaired Pointers are no different. They learn social hierarchy and roles similar as humans do. We would observe and try to explain something to ourselves and we should help our dog observe proper social behavior.

One of the best ways to achieve that is to expose your dog to different situations, sights, sounds, people, and other dogs as soon and as often as possible. That way, your German Shorthaired Pointer puppy will learn how to properly handle themselves in any new situation they could find themselves in.


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