Should I Buy a Puppy - Guide

Should I Buy a Puppy - Guide

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There are many important things to consider before buying a puppy and making him a part of your family. You need to find the right dog for yourself – a dog that goes along with your family and your lifestyle. If you have a certain breed on the mind, take your time and find out everything you can about that specific breed. When choosing a breed you should consider the breed’s temperament, exercise needs, maintenance, lifespan, health issues the breed is prone to, etc. Physical appearance is not the most important thing, and you should never buy a dog just because of its looks. The dog’s personality and breed’s characteristics are much more important factors to keep in mind when searching puppies for sale.

The financial cost

The financial cost of dog ownership is also an important thing to consider. Can you even afford to own a dog? Owning a dog doesn't just require time and effort, it is also important that you have enough money to buy your dog everything he needs, to feed him quality food and pay for regular check-ups at a vet.

Will you be a responsible dog owner? Who will take care of your dog when you are away on a holiday or business trip? Owning a dog is a great responsibility, a lot of hard work, and a long-term commitment!

Puppy activity level

A puppy might wake you up several times during the night. Are you ready to get up at 2, 3 and/or 5 am because your puppy needs to go do his business or is bored and wants to play? Are you ready to possibly have your furniture, clothes or shoes destroyed? What about shedding and having dog hair all over your place? What about any other pets or people in your home? Are you ready to walk your dog even when it is raining and it’s really cold? Will you have the time to walk and exercise your dog at least three times a day? Because, if you don’t, don’t buy a dog. The worst thing that can happen to these fluffy love balls is to feel how is it to live in a warm, happy house and then suddenly be left in the shelter because the people didn’t realize the implications of committing to dog ownership. Super-cute puppies will eventually grow into adult dogs. They will still be cute, but they will also demand a lot of time and energy from you. If you are a couch potato don’t get a dog that requires vigorous exercise and loves to be outside running, jumping, and playing. Also, all puppies need to be trained and socialized, and that takes time (if you want to do it properly).

Young puppies need to be fed at least 3-4 times a day and then taken out immediately after eating (to do their business) and thus become house trained.


What to do when you buy a puppy

Adapt your home and make it pet-friendly. There is a lot of Human foods that can kill your dog so make sure they are out of your dog’s reach. Hide all electrical cords. Remove toxic plants; hide all bottles of chemicals, cleaning supplies, medication, etc. Get a trash can with a locking lid and keep the toilet lid closed.

Buying a puppy - essentials

You should prepare yourself to buy plenty of puppy supplies before you buy a dog and bring him home. Puppies need toys, chewing toys, collar, leash, brush, comb, bed (with room to grow), food and water bowls (metal or ceramic, never plastic because the plastic may cause skin irritation and is easy for puppies to chew up), etc.

Puppy care

Find a veterinarian with a great reputation in a convenient location for you, before you bring your puppy home and visit him within a few days of a puppy coming home with you. Make a complete physical examination to make sure there are no health problems that went undetected by the breeder or a shelter. Bring all the paperwork by the breeder or shelter to your vet, and discuss the puppy’s health condition and vacation schedule. Stay on schedule with vet visits and vacations.

Once you have everything above figured out, you are ready to become a dog parent! Be loving, patient, and kind.

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