Is Your Puppy Barking Constantly? Here's How to Stop it

Is Your Puppy Barking Constantly? Here's How to Stop it

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When getting a new puppy, most of us don’t think about potential problems that might arise. However, constant puppy barking can quickly drive you mad. The good news is - there are ways you can stop them and get some well-deserved peace and quiet. We bring you tips and tricks to stop nuisance puppy barking and the answers to why your puppy might be barking excessively. Here are the most common reasons your puppy is barking;

1. Desire

Your puppy might want something, and unfortunately, dogs can’t speak. The puppy will express their wants and needs through barking, and sometimes that might become irritating. For example, your puppy might want a treat, toy, water, or needs to go to the bathroom, and the only way they can tell you they want something is through barking.

What to do about it?

This type of behavior is not considered problematic. However, if you notice your puppy barking excessively, you can always try to distract them and move their attention to something else. Make sure their needs are fulfilled, their bowls are full, their bladder empty, and they don’t have too much cooped-up energy they need to spend. This type of barking will usually stop when the puppy gets what they need.

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PUPPY FACT: There is one thing puppies want more than anything else - your attention. One of the best ways to deal with their excessive barking is to ignore them. Simply turn around and walk away. That will let the puppy know they are doing something wrong, and you will not reward them with your attention.

2. Fear

Scared puppies might start excessively barking. Puppies can quickly get scared of things they never faced before. If that happens with your puppy, it can be worrying and irritating. Nobody wants to have a nervous and stressed puppy that barks all the time. The good news is - this problem can be dealt with.

What to do about it?

The best way to get your dog’s confidence up is by socializing and desensitizing. For example, if your puppy is afraid of fireworks, you can simply turn the music or TV up until the noise stops. If the puppy is scared of the doorbell, you can practice remaining calm with your family members. Make sure you use plenty of praises and treats, and your puppy will soon pay little to no attention to whatever is scaring them. If something is scaring them while you walk, you can stop your puppy barking by removing them from the thing that scares them.

PUPPY FACT: Puppy barking can be irritating, and if ignoring their behavior doesn’t work, you can try calming supplements. If you know your puppy is scared of fireworks, you can get them a calming dog treat before the noise starts. Some dog owners reported excellent results.

3. Separation anxiety

One of the most common reasons puppies bark excessively is separation anxiety. Puppies love having company, and they might get so used to it they become terrified and anxious when they inevitably have to stay alone. Unfortunately, puppies can’t go everywhere with their owners. They will have to stay at home alone. If the puppy has separation anxiety, they can become destructive, loud, and endanger themselves.

What to do about it?

Dealing with separation anxiety can be difficult, but it is not impossible. It is a training process that will require some effort from the owner’s side, but the puppy barking should stop. Dealing with this problem will require step-by-step training where owners teach the dog to stay alone. Start with a few minutes in the other room, and work your way up to where the puppy feels comfortable being left alone. You can read all about separation anxiety here - Separation anxiety in dogs.

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4. Energetic

Puppies are little balls of energy that has to be spent. Puppies kept in their crates for too long or didn’t have the chance to run around and play will have too much energy. They will become bored, and if you put these two things together, the frustrated, energetic puppy will start barking. They need to play and explore, and as their owner, you need to make sure their needs are met.

What to do about it?

The answer to that is pretty simple - make your puppy productively spends their energy. You can play with your puppy in your home; all you’ll need is some toys and time. Make sure the puppy gets tired but not too exhausted. Train your puppy and make them use their brains. There is an expression among dog owners that goes, “A tired dog is a happy dog,” which is entirely true. If your puppy has plenty of exercises, they should stop excessively barking.

5. Greeting

A puppy can start barking if they are greeting you or someone else. For example, puppies can simply be very happy to see you return from work or a trip to the grocery store. When puppies great people, they can start barking and jumping. It is their way of expressing love and excitement.

What to do about it?

This is not considered a huge behavior issue. Still, it can be scary, especially if you have a large breed that can easily scare people. Some owners might not like it, and there is a way you can teach your puppy to stop barking. The best way to do it is to ignore the puppy upon your return home until they calm down. As soon as they stop barking, make sure you praise your puppy and reward their calm behavior. Eventually, they will learn they need to calmly greet, and they will be rewarded with attention and treats.

PUPPY FACT: Training can significantly influence your dog’s behavior. You can quickly curb the puppy’s excessive barking with training. With proper training, the puppy will stop excessively barking and learn rules and acceptable behavior. Plus, puppies love learning, and that will benefit the puppy’s overall wellbeing.

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