5 Puppy Training Tips

5 Puppy Training Tips

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Here are some tips and tricks on how to train your puppy. It is important to know that some breeds learn quicker than others and you should adjust training to the specific breed. It is important to start training as soon as your puppy arrives home. There are also things you should know about how to raise a puppy.

Help them get adjusted and feel as comfortable as possible since being removed from their mother and littermates can be a stressful time for a puppy. 

1. Warm water and a ticking clock

Not many people know this but giving your new puppy a warm bottle of water represents the body warmth of his littermates. It might be hard for your new puppy to sleep a couple of days since everything the puppy knew from the beginning of his life is now changed. New environment, new crate, and a new family. For your puppy to be less sad provide him with a warm bottle of water and a ticking clock that imitates his littermates heartbeat. After taking this first step, proper training sessions can begin. 

2. Teach your puppy their name

Choose your puppy's name wisely and be respectful of it. Choosing a name that has a strong ending (Jack or Jasper) with a strong consonant. That way the puppy will always recognize their name when being called. Use the puppy's name when playing, feeding, and praising, and soon you will notice the puppy reacting to the name you assigned them with. 

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3. Puppy time

Be mindful of puppy time. Puppies and even grown dogs live in the moment. If you catch them doing something they shouldn’t be doing, correct the behavior right away. Punishing or correcting their behavior after they have finished their mischiefs makes no sense to a puppy. They will not understand why they are being punished and you will just cause them anxiety and they will not learn the correct behavior. 

4. Food luring 

Use food or treats when teaching your dog rules or new tricks. If your puppy connects food with some activity you want them to learn, they will do that gladly. This type of positive reinforcement training is called food luring. You should always avoid using negative reinforcement since it can cause your dog to become scared, anxious and afraid of you. 

5. Repetition

The best advice we can give you is consistency. It is in a dog's nature to love familiar things and routines. They thrive on their daily routines and doing things they are familiar with. Feed them every day at the same time, in the same spot, and let them see you as the provider of the food. That immediately puts you in a leadership position and it will be easier for you to teach your dog new things when he is already used to do what you expect of him. And then repeat, repeat and repeat. Repeating an exercise will help your puppy eventually learn.

These are just basic tips you should know when you decide to start training your puppy. If you are determined and consistent you can successfully train any puppy. Read the article How to raise a puppy if you want to learn what are all the things you should do when raising a puppy.

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