The 7 Jack Russell Terrier Training Tips

The 7 Jack Russell Terrier Training Tips

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Jack Russell Terrier is a breed that is immensely fun to have around. They can make wonderful pets, but only if they are raised properly. This small Terrier is energetic and feisty, and taking care of one of these dogs can be challenging. If you are thinking about getting a Jack Russell, there are a few things that you should know about training and raising them.

Laying the groundwork

All puppies can be a handful, but Jack Russells are in a league of their own. These dogs are intelligent, but they will take some time to get aboard on your training plan. As soon as your puppy arrives home, you should start training them. The sooner they get used to following a set of rules, the better. These dogs are independent thinkers, and if they feel like doing something, they will do all in their power to do just that. Here are a few Jack Russell Terrier training tips from the pros.

1. Picking a puppy

The unofficial training will start from the moment you get in touch with the breeder. You should ask about individual puppy characters. Just because puppies come from the same litter doesn’t mean they will have similar personalities. In fact, they are widely different. You should pick a puppy that might be easier to train and socialize. Talk to your breeder and ask for their opinion and advice. A good breeder will know how to recommend a puppy that will be the best possible fit.

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2. Other pets

Jack Russell is a Terrier, and they do not mix well with some pets. Other pets like guinea pigs, ferrets, bunnies, snakes, rats, or anything rodent-like. Terriers have a naturally high prey drive, and mixing them with these types of pets is a recipe for disaster. These dogs were originally bred for hunting and controlling vermin, hunting foxes and other small animals, and making sure there are no unwanted guests in houses and farms. That is not something you can simply exclude from a breed. This might not be a Jack Russell training tip, but it is something new owners absolutely need to know.

3. Potty training

Potty training a Jack Russell Terrier will take longer than your average puppy. These dogs are not unintelligent, but they simply take a longer time to fully accept your rules. Most dogs can learn “potty rules” relatively fast, but your Jack Russell will take about 8 months to fully accept it. There are many explanations regarding this issue, and our favorite is that they simply liked to mark their territory. These dogs wanted to let vermin know this is their territory. If you want to learn how to potty train your Jack, check out this article - Potty training.

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4. Take the leading position

Some dogs, like the Alaskan Malamute, don’t react too well to training based on roles. However, Jack Russells thrive on it. You need to set yourself as the leader of your household. Your dog needs to know you are the one setting the rules, and they have to listen to you. If you fail to do that, the dog will assume that position, and it can be tricky to reverse the roles. Never use fear or punishment as a way to take that role. Simply being constant and keeping a schedule will be enough.

5. Patience

If you ask any Jack Russell Terrier owner, they will undoubtedly tell you that the key to successfully raising a JRT is patience. These dogs can be stubborn, and you will need a lot of patience if you want to be a JRT owner. You will need to repeat a command over and over for it to stick. Make sure you have enough patience for a Jack Russell.

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6. Obedience training

Basic obedience training is probably a good idea no matter what breed you have at home, but obedience training is a necessary part of the Jack Russell Terrier training. Basic obedience will not only teach your dog some helpful commands like “stay,” “sit,” and “down,” but it will also teach your dog you are the leader. This type of training is a must if you want to have a well-behaved dog at home. You can read more about it here - Basic obedience training.

7. Get a crate

Some owners think crates are cruel, but actually, a Jack Russell Terrier might benefit from it. Dogs love having their own place where they can relax and be left alone. This is especially true for Jack Russell puppies. They are energetic, and if you don’t make them rest, they will simply keep going. Like toddlers, puppies can become cranky if they are tired. Make sure your new dog has a healthy rest schedule. If you notice your dog getting overly bitey, take them to their crate, and allow them to rest for a bit.

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