6 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Digging Your Yard

6 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Digging Your Yard

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Dogs look for entertainment and fun however they can, and one of the ways they achieve it is by digging. Terriers seem to have a special love for digging, but all breeds can demonstrate gardening skills. Most of us don’t like our dogs digging up our yard, especially if they decide to dig up the area where we decided to plant something. If you have a dog that loves digging, here are a few tips on how to stop your dog from digging up your yard.

1. More activity

Dogs that have a tendency to dig might do that because they are bored or are looking for a way to entertain themselves. In most digging cases, dogs are simply bored, and digging is a way to let out their frustration and find some entertainment. The good news is - that can be easily dealt with. You have to provide your dog with more activity. You can start by making your daily walks a bit longer and more active. Play fetch or Tug-O-War with your dog at home. The best thing you could do is train your dog. Training will give them physical and mental exercise, so your dog will be completely drained and lose the will to dig.

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2. Toys

If you can’t provide more activity for your dog, you can get them more interesting toys they can focus their attention on. Toys, especially puzzle toys, are a great way to engage your dog’s mind. They will have to figure the toy out, and when they do, they get a reward. You can try all types of dog toys, and if one doesn’t work, the other might. Try with plush toys, rope toys, puzzle toys, or chewables. Things like bully sticks or Himalayan chews are a great way of occupying your dog for hours. The main point is to divert your dog’s attention from digging to something else, and toys are a great way of doing that.

3. Make a sandbox

Some dogs have digging instincts, and they simply cannot help themselves. If you have a doggy digging machine at home, one of the ways to deal with their instincts is to create a specially designed space for digging. Sandboxes are an ideal solution for dealing with digging dogs. They can dig as much as they want, and they won’t destroy our precious yards. Make sure you hide their toys in the sandbox, so they are rewarded when they dig in that designated area. If your dog starts digging somewhere else, simply take them to the area you designed for them.

4. Pest control

Dogs might be digging for a very logical reason - they are hunting. This is a natural behavior if your dog can sense a burrowing animal in your yard. If your dog suddenly started digging, and that type of behavior was unusual for them before, chances are there is an animal your dog is trying to get to. The best thing you can do is inspect the area your dog is digging in and look for the animals your dog can smell. If you indeed have a burrowing animal, make sure you use humane methods to relocate them. After you have successfully done that, your dog’s digging should stop.

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5. Cool your dog down

If your dog only digs during warm weather and lays in the dug-up hole, chances are they are hot. Dogs can create a cool place for themselves by digging up the top layer of dirt and reaching a colder, lower level of dirt. This is typical behavior for many dog breeds, and the best way to deal with that is by providing your dog with alternative ways to cool down. Give your dog a small doggy pool with cold water, or give them access to an air-conditioned room with lower temperatures. Another cool way to cool down your dog is by giving them a cooling vest. These vests work on slow evaporation technology and can provide hours of cooling sensation to your dog. Making sure your dog is cool during hot summer days is excellent for their health, and your dog will avoid getting heatstroke.

6. Digging deterrents

If nothing works, you can implement digging deterrents. The best way to discourage your dog from digging a specific area of your yard is by simply putting a barrier. Dogs often like digging the same place over and over again. Often, the simplest solutions work the best. By putting a flexible fence, you can prevent your dog from coming close to their preferred digging site and prevent them from ruining it again. You can also use vinegar, citrus peels, cayenne, and rose bushes as digging deterrents. Another cool trick is to bury flat stones in the digging area.

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