Best Himalayan Dog Chews [2023]

Best Himalayan Dog Chews [2023]

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Dog owners are on the constant lookout for things that might be fun and beneficial for their dogs. In recent years, Himalayan dog chews made their way onto our shores, and dogs seem to love them. However, many dog owners are not entirely familiar with them. They often have many questions when it comes to giving their dog Himalayan chews. If you want to know more about them, stay with us, and you will find out.

What are Himalayan dog chews?

Most owners know things like dental chews or dog chews made from dried meat, like bully sticks. Himalayan chews are not made from meat; they are made from yak milk. That might sound surprising, but the unique production technique and nutritional value make these chews safe and actually very beneficial to dogs. Owners often call Himalayan dog chews by their alternative name - yak cheese.

What to look for in Himalayan chews?

The most important thing you have to do if you are interested in getting your dog some Himalayan chews is - read the label. Some manufacturers name their products “yak milk” or “Himalayan chews,” but those products don’t even include yak milk. Make sure you read the label and check that it is actually made from yak milk and not just regular old cow milk. There is a vast difference between those two things. These chews can be made from both things, but they should exclude lactose.

Are these chews safe for my dog?

There isn’t a single dog chew 100% safe for dogs. Dog chews, Himalayan dog chews included, come with a certain risk. The main issues and potential problems in dogs that ingest Himalayan dog chews are;

  • GI upset - Dogs’ stomachs are sensitive, and it is not uncommon for them to react badly to something new in their diet.
  • Choking hazard - All dog chews present a small choking hazard. This will mostly depend on your dog’s chewing techniques and jaw strength.
  • Tooth problems - Himalayan dog chews are pretty hard, so there is a possibility of your dog chipping or breaking their tooth.

Best things about Himalayan dog chews

Himalayan dog chews have many excellent characteristics. They are a lot easier and safer for your dog than deer antlers. You can read more about picking the right antlers for your dog here - How to choose elk antlers for dogs? Himalayan dog chews are softer than traditional chews, so the risk of breaking their teeth is lower. These chews include only 4 ingredients, so they are fairly safe and better for dogs to chew on. There is no corn, soy, or other grain.

Another great thing about Himalayan dog chews is that they don’t have a nasty smell. If you ever tried giving your dog bully sticks, you are probably aware of the horrible smell those chews have. Luckily, Himalayan dog chews don’t have that problem. Your dog can eat them inside your home and not stink the whole place up. Plus, these chews don’t leave stains or marks, so your dog can eat them on a sofa, and you don’t have to worry about dirty furniture. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Lactose intolerant dogs might have issues after getting a Himalayan chew. Make sure your dog is not lactose intolerant before you give them this chew.

You might want to know if your dog can drink milk. Before you decide to go for these chews, check out this article - Can dogs drink milk?

Now you know what Himalayan dog chews are, so check out our top three recommendations.

EcoKind Yak Cheese Dog Chews

The best pick when it comes to Himalayan chews is the EcoKind Yak Cheese Dog Chews. This long-lasting dog chew will keep your dog interested and entertained for hours. Plus, this dog chew is lactose-free, grain-free, and completely natural. These Himalayan dog chews are completely natural, without any preservatives. This product comes in different packages, depending on your dog’s size and needs. It is made from a combination of yak and cow milk. Before you order it, make sure your dog is not lactose intolerant.

Chewmeter Himalayan Cheese Chew

The Chewmeter Himalayan Cheese Chew comes highly recommended by dog owners. Not only is it safe for dogs that tolerate lactose, but it is also extremely tasty to dogs. This product is gluten-free, grain-free, and doesn’t include any artificial taste inhibitors or preservatives. It comes in three sizes, so even your tiny Pomeranian can have some. This is a great product your dog will absolutely adore.

Himalayan Cheese Dog Chew

Our third favorite option is the Himalayan Cheese Dog Chew. We know it sounds very similar to the second choice, but it is a different product. This one is also grain and gluten-free, so your dog should have no issues digesting it. The only ingredients this Himalayan chew includes are yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and salt - that is the oldest recipe for Himalayan chews. This is another great find you will not regret giving to your dog.

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