7 Tips to Help You Tire Out Your Puppy

7 Tips to Help You Tire Out Your Puppy

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One thing experienced dog owners know is - a tired puppy is a happy puppy. If you recently got a new puppy, you might probably be surprised at just how energetic they can be. When they’re awake, they want to play until it’s time to eat or sleep. Puppies have all sorts of things to explore, learn, and chew on. They seem like little bundles of energy, and if their owners don’t know how to tire them up, it can all quickly become overwhelming.

We can’t even begin to tell you how many cases there are of owners returning their puppies because they aren’t prepared. Luckily, we have prepared a list of tips to help you tire your puppy out and keep them interested in playing and learning. Here are the 7 tips that will help you tire your puppy out.

1. Rotate your dog’s toys

The first tip most experienced dog owners will tell you is not to allow your dog to reach and play with all their toys. If your dog can easily take and play with any toy they like, they might lose interest in them. Limit your dog’s access to all their toys, and they will keep their interest a lot longer. For example, you can switch their toys every week. One of the best tips we got from a breeder is - a ball should only be used outside. That means the ball is a “special” toy that your dog can get only on walks. They will be interested in it because they get it only outside, and playing fetch is a fantastic way to tire your puppy out.

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2. Flirt pole

One of our puppy’s favorite toys is the flirt pole. To be completely honest, we started using a large brush for cleaning. He seemed very interested in that, but we couldn’t have him biting that all the time. We decided to get a flirt pole because it offers the same principle. A flirt pole has a lure attached by a string to the pole you hold in your hand. If your puppy loves chasing things around, a flirt pole will be a great way of giving them something to chase and tire them out quickly. You can order it online or simply make your own improvised flirt pole.

3. Kong toy with treats

One of the best and productive ways to entertain your puppy for hours is with a Kong toy. However, just giving them an empty Kong won’t do. They might play with it for a while because the rubber is an interesting material to chew on, but you will need something more to keep them engaged. We found out that filling a Kong toy with peanut butter or pâté works like a charm. However, if your puppy gets all the treats inside, make sure you don’t overdo it. They have delicate stomachs, and overfeeding them on foods they’re not used to will cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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4. Tug-O-War

One of the most entertaining games you can play with your puppy is Tug-O-War. The best thing about it is that you can simply sit in the middle of the room and allow your puppy to tug the toy. This is easy for you, but the puppy will spend a lot of energy on this game. However, if you have a naturally dominant breed like a Doberman, Presa Canario, Pittie, or Rottweiler, you should never allow your puppy to win at this game. Make sure they know you are the boss and they are allowed to play, but not to win.

5. Dog park

This is an option for puppies that were vaccinated and protected from potentially deadly diseases like distemper or parvo. If your puppy is vaccinated, take them to the closest dog park and let them run wild. This is a terrific way to socialize your dog and get them to behave around other dogs. Your puppy will run and tire out, but they will also learn proper behavior. If your puppy oversteps the line of appropriate behavior, older dogs can correct their behavior. However, make sure your puppy doesn’t get attacked.

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6. Mind games

If you can’t take your puppy outside and play with them and let them run wild, you can always engage their mind. Get a snuffle mat or play the Shell game with them. Making your puppy think and engage their mind is an excellent way of tiring them out. They will have to think very hard about where treats are hidden. They will have to use their noses and brains, making them feel pretty happy when they finally find the treat. Mental exercise is vital, especially if you have an intelligent breed like the Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Poodle, or Australian Shepherd.

OWNER TIP: If your dog tried and lost interest in all their usual toys, one thing that might work is an empty water bottle. Every time your dog bites the bottle, the bottle will crinkle and crack. That will make your puppy really interested in playing with it.

7. Training

One of the most important things in your new puppy’s life should be training. Not only is that a great way of tiring them out, but it is also fantastic for their future. Whenever your puppy gets restless or wants to play, you can use that energy and focus it on something productive. Use delicious puppy training treats and teach them new things. There are different commands that your puppy can benefit from, like Sit, Stay, Wait, or Down. You can even start recall training. These are all crucial skills, but what’s more important, it is an excellent way of tiring your puppy.

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Why is it important to tire out a puppy?

If you have a puppy, you know how hectic and crazy your home can be. They are constantly exploring, biting, playing, and chewing something. It can all become slightly overwhelming, and if you don’t know how to tire your puppy out, you might think you made a mistake by getting them. However, if you use these tips to tire out your puppy, they will become a lot more docile, and dog ownership will become one of the best things you have done for yourself and your family.

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