Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce? Is It Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce? Is It Safe For Dogs?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jun 30 2023


Dogs love nothing more than grabbing a bite of our food. They don’t really care what we’re eating; they just want a bite of it. This might be especially true for pizza. If you ever ate pizza in front of your dog, you are aware of the accusing look you receive after not sharing any pizza with your furry buddy.

What is the ingredient that goes on every pizza, no matter what type you order? Tomato sauce. If the tomato sauce is good, the pizza will be as well. If you ever caught yourself wondering, “Can dogs eat tomato sauce?” you might want to know the correct answer to that question before you decide to share some with your dog.

Here’s what you should know about tomato sauce and dogs.

Is tomato sauce safe for dogs?

The first question you have to know the answer to is, “Is tomato sauce safe for dogs?” The correct answer is - it depends. Commercial tomato sauces are not safe. However, if you prepare it at home and avoid ingredients that are unsafe for dogs, it might be safe to give some to your dog. Let’s take a closer look at these two types;

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Commerical tomato sauce for dogs

As we already said, commercial tomato sauce is most likely not safe for dogs. There are ready-to-use pizza or tomato sauces that can contain unsafe ingredients. Those ingredients can be toxic to dogs, and you should avoid them. Here are some of the things commercial tomato sauce can include;

1. Garlic

Garlic might be safe for us, but it is not safe for our dogs. Some owners claim garlic can be good for keeping dogs safe from parasites, but there are no scientific facts that support that theory. However, we know it can cause all sorts of health issues and garlic toxicity.

2. Onion

Onions are another ingredient in tomato sauce that can be toxic to dogs. Onions will destroy the dog’s red blood cells, which will lead to anemia and poor oxygenation. If dogs eat too much of it, they can suffer fatal toxicity.

3. Salt

Salt is something we love to put in our food. However, dogs don’t need salt. They need a natural taste for their food, and spices should be excluded. Salt can lead to dehydration and salt toxicity in dogs.

Homemade tomato sauce for dogs

There are some advantages to preparing dog food at home. The most significant one is - you control the ingredients that go into your dog’s diet. The same is true for homemade tomato sauce.

Theoretically, your dog can eat small amounts of pure tomatoes, which means if you make a homemade tomato sauce that contains only tomatoes, it can be safe for your dog. In that case, it would be better to call it pureed tomato sauce.

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VET TIP: Whenever you decide to include something new in your dog’s diet, you have to test it first. Give your dog a tiny amount and observe them for a few hours. If your dog doesn’t have a bad reaction, it is safe to assume you can include the new ingredient. Just remember to keep the portions small and controlled.

Can dogs eat ketchup?

While homemade tomato sauce might be safe for dogs to eat, commercial tomato sauce and ketchup are not. Never give your dog ketchup because it contains vinegar, onion powder, sugar, salt, and other ingredients that can potentially be harmful to your dog. All kinds are unsafe for dogs, so don’t try any.

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What if my dog ate tomato sauce?

Even despite our best efforts, dogs can get their paws on something they’re not supposed to eat. You just need to move your gaze in a different direction for a few seconds, and your dog can already gobble down a whole tomato sauce pack. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and we need to learn from them.

As a dog owner, you should know how to react in emergency situations. The first thing you should do is avoid panic. Call your vet and read them the list of ingredients in the tomato sauce.

If you know the exact moment your dog ate the tomato sauce, the vet might suggest you induce vomit in your dog. However, they will tell you not to do that if you don’t have the means to do it safely. You can read more about it here - How to make your dog throw up?

You should look out for a few things if your dog accidentally ate tomato sauce. Here are some things you might notice;

However, if your dog simply grabbed a lick or two of the tomato sauce you dropped on the floor, they will most likely be fine.

What can I give my dog instead of tomato sauce?

Generally speaking, dogs get all the nutrients they need from high-quality dog food. It would be best to avoid giving them things they don’t actually need in their diet. However, many dog owners think their dogs might get bored with their food, so they decide to “spice things up” by adding something to their diet.

That might not be necessary, but dogs will surely appreciate it. Here are some safer alternatives to tomato sauce for dogs;

We know this is not precisely what you might consider as an alternative to tomato sauce, but the truth is it your dog will enjoy it. Plus, these ingredients can offer health benefits to dogs. They will provide the dog with protein, vitamins, minerals and will improve the food’s palatability.

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