Can Dogs Eat Ketchup? Is It Safe For Them?

Can Dogs Eat Ketchup? Is It Safe For Them?

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Ketchup is one of the most famous ingredients we use to make different food. The main ingredients of ketchup are tomatoes, so you would assume that ketchup is good for dogs. Things are not so simple; although ketchup is made from tomatoes, it still contains some substances that can harm your dog. So if you were wondering can dogs eat ketchup stay with us and find out.

Can dogs eat ketchup?

The answer to this question is not so simple. Dogs should not eat ketchup, but an occasional lick shouldn't harm your dog. Ripe tomatoes that are used for making ketchup are safe for a dog to consume, but ketchup will, in most cases, come with other ingredients that can be toxic for dogs.

Most commercial brands are known to use garlic and onion powder in making ketchup, and both are highly toxic to dogs, so it would be best if you don't feed your dog with ketchup. The good news is that the amount of these powders in the ketchup shouldn't be enough to poison your dog, but you shouldn't take a chance.

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Ketchup is also packed with high sodium levels, and most dog owners know that it can cause many health problems.

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Why is ketchup bad for dogs?

Besides the reasons we already mentioned, ketchup can cause dogs' blood sugar levels to rise; this is especially dangerous if your dog is a diabetic. If you have an obese dog, high sugar levels in the ketchup can lead to more weight gain and thus more problems for your dog.

High sodium levels can cause different heart problems for your dog. If you decide to give your dog some ketchup, watch for changes in their behavior, and if you see a reaction after eating ketchup, you should immediately seek vet help.

Symptoms to watch

If you decide to give some ketchup to your dog, you should closely monitor him for any symptoms or reactions. If you notice any of these symptoms, call your vet and ask for help. Symptoms to watch are:

  • Weakness – if you notice your dog is lethargic, it could be a reaction to eating ketchup
  • Loss of appetite – if your dog refuses to eat his regular food after eating ketchup this could mean that he is not feeling good. Call your vet and make an appointment if the problem persists after two days.
  • Red urine – eating a lot of ketchup can cause dogs' urine to turn red; if you notice this, immediately call your vet
  • Pale gums –pale gums in your dog can be caused by eating a lot of sugars, and ketchup has high sugar levels.


What should I do if my dog accidentally eats ketchup?

The first thing you should do if your dog gets his paws on some ketchup is to stay calm. Find the jar and look for the ingredients that are in the ketchup. If there are no toxic ingredients (onion, garlic powder, etc.), there is a high probability that your dog will be fine.

You need to watch for any symptoms that can happen after the ingestion, and if you notice any of them, call your vet and ask for advice. In most cases, the dog that eats ketchup will be alright, and they could only have digestive problems.

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Ketchup contains a lot of ingredients that can cause different problems for your dog, and because of that, it should be avoided. You shouldn't risk your dog's health by giving him some ketchup. If you want to "spice" up your dog's diet, there are other healthier and better alternatives to give your dog.

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