Can Dogs Eat Onions

Can Dogs Eat Onions

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There are many human foods dogs can eat, but you should avoid giving your dog onions. Onions are very popular in human cuisine, but this popular addition to different dishes can cause more problems than just bad breath for your dog. The best possible answer to the question, “Can dogs eat onions,” is a resounding NO. Here is what you should know about onions and dogs.

Are onions bad for dogs?

Yes, onions are very bad for dogs, and you should avoid them at all costs and in all forms. We love onions, and many famous dishes have onions included in the recipe. Humans that eat a lot of onions will have bad breath, but dogs can have serious health complications that can have tragic consequences.

Are onions toxic?

Onions contain a chemical called N-propyl disulfide, which might be fine for us, but it causes a breakdown in red blood cells in dogs. Red blood cells are vital because they transport oxygen to all parts of the body. If the dog doesn’t have enough red blood cells, they will become anemic and potentially die. There is another problem that happens when a dog eats onions because the toxin attaches itself to the red blood cell. The dog’s body reacts as it would towards an invader and starts destroying the cells. This type of anemia is called hemolytic anemia.

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How can I know if my dog got poisoned?

If you suspect your dog ate onions and you are worried about their health, the first thing you should do is call your vet or animal poison control (888) 426-4435. Do not start panicking, but keep sharp. The sooner you react, the better are the chances your dog has. The good news is that your dog has to eat large quantities of onions to get onion toxicity.

Most dogs don’t like the smell, so they generally stay away from fresh onions. However, they can eat large amounts of foods that are prepared with onions or onion powder. Onion powder is even more potent than fresh onions, so you should keep all onion products away from your dog. As a responsible dog owner, you should know how to recognize onion toxicity symptoms. You should look for things like;

If you noticed your dog eating a large number of onions, you should call your vet and see if inducing vomiting is an option. However, that can only be done if you are sure how long ago your dog ate onions. If your dog already started exhibiting toxicity symptoms, inducing vomiting is not safe or advisable.

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If you have taken your dog to the vet, make sure you give your vet all the necessary information they need to know. Tell them your dog ate onions or that you suspect your dog ate onions. Mention all the symptoms you already noticed and help your vet any way you can. The vet will check your dog’s blood tests and look for signs of hemolytic anemia. However, different diseases can cause hemolytic anemia, so make sure your vet knows everything they need to know.

How is onion toxicity treated?

If you suspect your dog has onion toxicity, you should take them to the vet because they require vet care. Your vet will keep your dog for observation, and in worst cases, your dog might need a transfusion. The critical thing your vet needs to do is support your dog’s health until the toxin is entirely out of their system and they can produce enough healthy red blood cells.

In conclusion

Onions are something you should keep away from your dog. Make sure you keep onion dishes safely tucked away and don’t allow your dog near them. Keep your eyes open and if you suspect your dog ate onions, take them to the vet as soon as possible.

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