Is Applesauce Good for Dogs?

Is Applesauce Good for Dogs?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jun 30 2023


Applesauce is one of the most easily digestible foods. Plus, it is delicious even if you’re not a baby. It is a common thing many of us have at our home, especially if we have a baby that is starting to eat something other than breast milk.

Many of us are dog owners, and if you have applesauce at home, you might wonder, “Can dogs eat applesauce?” The answer is - Yes. However, there are a few things you should know about giving applesauce to your dog.

Is applesauce good for dogs?

Yes, applesauce contains many beneficial nutrients dogs can benefit from. Dogs can safely eat apples, so there is no reason why applesauce would be bad for them. Some of the best benefits applesauce have to offer our dogs are;

  • Applesauce is low in calories, sodium, and fat, making it a healthy treat.
  • It contains loads of vitamin C, which is vital for building all body tissue. Dogs can produce their vitamin C, so don’t overdo it with applesauce.
  • Applesauce contains vitamin A, which dogs cannot produce on their own. This vitamin will boost the immune system, skin, and coat health and keep the lungs, brain, and kidneys working properly.
  • It contains vitamin K, which is crucial for producing enzymes responsible for blood clotting and bone tissue production.
  • Applesauce is packed with dietary soluble fiber, which is crucial for healthy digestion. It is also great for dogs with diarrhea or constipation.
  • It contains antioxidants that protect the dog’s body from cancer-causing free radicals.
  • It contains essential minerals like phosphorus and calcium. These minerals are crucial for different body functions, and applesauce can provide a mineral boost.

Can puppies eat applesauce?

Puppies have a lot of development and growth to do. The most important thing for them is to have a balanced diet that contains a healthy amount of proteins, fat, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and everything else the puppy’s body needs.

If they’re on a balanced, healthy diet, there is no reason why an occasional applesauce snack wouldn’t be good for them. Yes, applesauce is safe for puppies. You can use it as an additional boost of healthy ingredients that can support their main diet.

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However, you shouldn’t give them too much of it. Their GI tract is not yet fully developed, and they can react badly to it. Give them a lick or two from the spoon, and ensure you don’t feed them too often.

Can senior dogs eat it?

Senior dogs, like senior humans, can have specific health issues. Everything you can give them to support their health, digestion, and overall well-being is a good thing.

Applesauce will provide them with fiber for restoring their digestion and vitamins to boost their immune system. Antioxidants will protect them as much as possible against cancer, and your senior dog might enjoy the taste of applesauce.

What kind of applesauce should I give my dog?

Not all types of applesauce are the same. Some that are safe for humans can contain ingredients that might not be that safe for dogs. There are different kinds of applesauce available on the market, like cinnamon, strawberry, or Mott’s applesauce.

If you’re considering giving your dog store-bought applesauce, read the ingredient list. Avoid high sugar content, additives, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Things like xylitol are toxic to dogs, so avoid it if you see that on the list.

The best kind of applesauce to give your dog is plain and organic. Some options are available in retail, but if you have time, prepare it yourself. That is the only way you can actually be sure what goes into the applesauce you’re giving your dog.

How to prepare applesauce for my dog?

Preparing applesauce is not really complicated. You can do it quickly, and your homemade applesauce can stay in your fridge for a week. If you decide to prepare it yourself, make sure you get organic apples that weren’t treated or protected with any kind of pesticide. Before you start, wash them thoroughly. Here’s how to prepare applesauce for your dog in 4 easy steps;

  1. Peel the skin of the apple, cut it into smaller pieces, and remove the seed.
  2. Boil the apples for 12 - 13 minutes.
  3. Strain the apples.
  4. Move the applesauce to a bowl and leave it in the fridge for at least an hour.

SAFETY TIP: You might be tempted to add some sugar or other ingredients that might sweeten the sauce. However, dogs won’t benefit from it. They will enjoy the taste of plain applesauce.

What kind of apples should I use for applesauce?

There are more than 7.500 apple varieties in the world, all of which are edible. However, there are only 2.500 in the US. 36 types are commonly found in stores, and all of them can be used for making applesauce for dogs. However, we can tell you the best kinds for making applesauce are Gravenstein, Cortland, McIntosh, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Crispin, and Fuji.

How much applesauce should I give my dog?

Applesauce can be a tasty treat, and you should treat it as such. It is not something your dog needs for a healthy diet. In fact, apples are not necessary. Dogs can get all the necessary nutrients from high-quality dog food.

Applesauce can be a neat way to “spice up” your dog’s diet and give them something they’ll enjoy every now and then. To keep it safe, you shouldn’t overfeed your dog with applesauce, and you can give them a tiny bit once or twice a week.

For puppies, never give them more than a lick or two, and keep it once a week at max.

Can applesauce be bad for dogs?

If you stick to the recommended dosages, applesauce shouldn’t be bad for your dog. However, some dogs will not like it. You shouldn’t force your dog to eat it. Instead, look for alternative fruits or veggies your dog can benefit from.

There are cases where applesauce can be bad for dogs. If you overfeed your adult dog, they might get an upset stomach. The most likely thing that can happen is digestive issues.

Your dog might get diarrhea, vomit, and have a decreased appetite. If your dog somehow got its paws on a whole jar of applesauce, you should call your vet and ask for advice. The dog will probably be fine, but they will have severe digestive issues. Puppies will have the same reaction if you overfeed them with applesauce.

In conclusion

Applesauce can be a great thing to add to your adult dog’s diet. It can offer them different health benefits, and your dog will most likely love the taste. You mustn’t overfeed your dog on applesauce and give puppies only a tiny bit.

If you can, it is better to prepare it at home and avoid store-bought applesauce.

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