Are Oranges Good For Dogs?

Are Oranges Good For Dogs?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 10 2023


Oranges are one of the tastiest fruits in the world, and certainly one of the most popular there is. This delicious fruit is an excellent addition to every healthy breakfast, and if not eaten, you can drink it. Orange juice is one of the most popular beverages in the US and for a great reason. It is nutritious, healthy, and tasty. A perfect way to start the day!

Dog owners often think about sharing their food with their dogs, and oranges are usually a part of that thought process. Most dog owners ask themselves at least once, “Can dogs eat oranges?” The shortest answer to that question is - yes. Dogs can have oranges, but only in small quantities. Here is what you should know about sharing oranges with your dog.

Are oranges good for dogs?

Oranges are packed with healthy nutrients, vitamins, and even some fiber. They are very healthy for humans, but you might wonder, are oranges good for dogs? The answer is very similar to the first one - yes, oranges can be good for dogs, but only if given in small amounts.

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The best thing Orange has to offer our dogs is vitamin C. This is an essential vitamin that is used for many body functions. The body uses this vitamin for growth, development, and even for repairing the damaged body tissue. Vitamin C helps collagen production and iron absorption and helps the immune system function as best as possible. Besides that, vitamin C plays a vital role in keeping the cartilage, bones, and teeth healthy.

Are oranges bad for dogs?

There are cases when oranges can be bad for dogs. The key to all things in life is moderation, and this rule is very important when it comes to feeding your dog oranges. The answer to the question “Are oranges bad for dogs?” can be a bit harder; the key thing to remember is - they can be.

Oranges have significant natural sugar content, so if the dog eats too much, it can have an upset stomach. Oranges are not toxic to dogs; the worst thing they can cause is gastrointestinal upset. However, not all dogs will love the orange taste. The taste can be sour and tarp, so you might end up having a dog that won’t even like them. There is another piece of orange dogs you might like, and it’s the peel.

Can dogs eat orange peels?

Orange peels, like the fruity part inside, are not toxic to dogs. In fact, some dogs love eating orange peels. However, you should be careful when feeding your dog orange peel, especially if you have a small breed like the Pomeranian or French Bulldog.

Orange peels can cause intestinal blockage. They can cause constipation, so if you decide to give your dog orange peel, make sure it is cut into tiny pieces. You can use it like sprinkles on their usual meals.

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Is orange juice safe for dogs?

While natural orange juice you prepared at home can be safe for dogs to drink, it is best to avoid giving your dog orange juice. Oranges are not a part of the canine diet, and their stomachs are not used to getting and processing so much natural sugar. If your dog managed to get their paws into a jug of orange juice, you shouldn’t worry too much. It can cause an upset stomach or some tummy ache, but no severe consequences should be expected.

You should never give your dog store-bought orange juice. It can contain things like xylitol, which is very toxic to them. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that can poison your dog. Human toothpaste is one of the most common things all households have that is rich in xylitol. You should never use it to clean your dog’s teeth.

Should dogs have oranges?

It is not the question of “Can dogs have oranges,” but rather, should dogs have oranges? According to veterinarians, far better fruits can be given to dogs instead of oranges. It is not even confirmed that all dogs love the taste. To feel the benefits oranges can offer them, the dog should eat a lot more than what is considered safe for them. Plenty of oranges will cause an upset stomach, and all the potential benefits will be gone.

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If you were wondering, “Can dogs eat oranges?” - the answer might be yes, but there are a lot better fruits to share with your dog. Fruits that will offer more benefits and the dog can safely enjoy. Check out this article for more information about one of the healthiest fruits dogs can eat - Can dogs eat watermelon?

How many oranges can I give my dog?

If you are still adamant about sharing oranges with your dog, or your dog seems to love the taste, you should know how to safely feed your dog oranges. The best thing to remember is to treat oranges like you would treat dog treats. Do not give your dog too much because they can end up having stomach problems. Keep the orange or orange peel intake less than 10% of their daily calorie intake (ideally about 5%).

You can use oranges as a way to spice up your dog’s life and introduce a new taste into their usual diet.

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