The Best Flooring Options for Dog Owners

The Best Flooring Options for Dog Owners

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Having a dog will require some adjustments, and in many cases, compromises. If you always dreamed about having luxurious hardwood floors or rich Persian carpets in your home and you have a dog, you should probably reconsider. If you have a four-legged friend and you are thinking about getting some flooring they will be comfortable with, here are some of the best flooring options for dog owners.

What to look for in the best flooring for dogs?

Before we get into the actual material that is best suited for dogs, there are a few things you should look for. Dogs are messy; they shed, scratch, lick, and chew. They love rolling into the mud and smelly things, so the main thing you want to look for is easy-to-maintain flooring. You don’t want to be forced to do a deep scrub after every dog walk.

The second essential thing is durability. Dogs have sharp nails, and you can be absolutely sure they will start running on that floor. Rich hardwood floors are durable, but they will easily get scratched if your dog starts playing. Look for materials that will be easy to clean and can withstand some wear and tear on a daily basis.

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Carpets are very practical, and they bring a specific style to your home. However, puppies and dogs that have not yet been potty trained don’t mix well with carpets. Stains and odors can be tough to remove, and once a dog soils a specific part of the carpet, chances are they will do it again in the exact same spot. If you have carpets at home, you should get a great pet-safe carpet cleaning solution.

Here are the best floorings for dogs;

1. Vinyl

Vinyl has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It was always practical, and if you have flooring skills, it is extremely easy to install it yourself. The most significant advantage vinyl floors have is that they are incredibly durable. They will look as good as new for a long time, and they are resistant to scratches, dents, and moisture. Vinyl floors are an excellent choice for puppies, adult, and senior dogs. Even if your dog has an “accident” inside, you can easily clean it, and the vinyl will look intact. Plus, vinyl floors are very budget-friendly. If something does happen to them, you can simply repair the affected area.

2. Laminate

Laminate is an artificial wood product that can mimic all types of wood or ceramic tiles. We can tell you from personal experience, installing laminate is very easy. If the groundwork was done correctly, placing laminate is easy and very quick. It is stain-proof, scratch-proof, and even liquids that sit on it for a long time will not get soaked up and damage or stain the laminate. It has a protective layer that will keep it looking its best for a long time. However, look for a laminate with a textured finish so your dog doesn’t skid all over your home. The protective layer is helpful, but it is incredibly slippery.

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3. Tile

Tile floors are convenient for all dog owners. They are easy to clean and maintain, and the best part is - they can mimic hardwood floors. If you have pets, you should seriously consider placing tile in your home. There are millions of available designs, and keeping tile clean is a lot easier than hardwood or carpets. It is a very popular choice for dog owners worldwide. Dogs and accidents go hand-in-hand, but cleaning up shouldn’t be too big of a problem if you have tile floors.

tile floors

4. Poured and Sealed Concrete

One of the best floorings you can get if you have dogs is poured and sealed concrete. This type of flooring is entirely scratch-proof and extremely easy to clean when inevitable accidents happen. However, concrete is very cold. If you want this type of flooring for your dog, you will have to include radiant floor heating. If you live in a colder climate, floor heating and possible carpets are inevitable, and as we know, carpets bring some problems with them.

5. Hardwood floors

Our favorite type of flooring is hardwood. However, keeping hardwood floors intact if you have a dog is extremely hard. Their nails, scratching, running, or simply walking can damage it. If you are absolutely adamant about getting hardwood floors, you should pick the hardest possible wood you can get. It will be most durable and scratch-resistant. However, it is only a matter of time when you will have to sand the problem spots. Ipe or hard maple might be a better choice than soft red or white oak. If you decide to go for hardwood floors, you will absolutely love their warmth and comfort, and your dog will love it for the same reasons.

In conclusion

Having a dog will require certain “sacrifices” and compromises. You might not be able to get your favorite type of flooring, but you will keep your furry friend with you. The best choices you can make for flooring if you have a dog are laminate, tile, vinyl, or poured concrete. Carpets and hardwood floors are not the best options because dogs can ruin them pretty quickly.

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