Does Bitter Apple Spray For Dogs Work?

Does Bitter Apple Spray For Dogs Work?

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Dogs and chewing go hand-in-hand. They will chew everything around them because it is one of their primary ways to examine their environment. This is especially true for puppies and junior dogs that are still actively learning about the world that surrounds them. However, some things should be off-limit, and their owners need to teach them which things they’re allowed to chew. Sometimes, teaching puppies those things can be pretty challenging. That’s where bitter apple spray for dogs comes into play. Here’s what you should know about it, its uses, and its effectiveness.

What is bitter apple spray for dogs?

The first question we need to answer is - what exactly is a bitter apple spray for dogs? The best way to describe it is - a chewing deterrent. This spray has a bitter taste dogs usually don’t like. Once they try chewing something they shouldn’t, the bitter apple spray should leave a bitter taste in their mouths. The idea is that the dog or a puppy will remember that unpleasant experience and stay away from chewing things that aren’t meant for that.

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Why do dogs chew things?

To understand how to prevent your dog from chewing something, you need to understand why they do it in the first place. There are many possible reasons a dog might chew something, and different dogs will have various reasons for chewing. For example, puppies will chew on furniture, slippers, or shoes because they’re exploring or playing. Their owner’s shoes are really fun to play with, and correcting that behavior will need training.

Anxious dogs can chew to relieve their anxiety. It is a very effective way of dealing with that issue. However, dog owners are not too happy about that. Bored dogs will chew things because they’re looking for ways to entertain themselves. These chewing reasons can develop into behavioral issues and compulsive behavior, so dog owners must prevent that from happening.

How does the bitter apple spray for dogs work?

The main job and spray’s function are pretty straightforward. It needs to prevent your dog from chewing by leaving a bitter taste in their mouth. However, the spray’s scent will be more than enough to deter the dog from things it’s not supposed to chew. Here’s how the spray actually works;

Dogs have fewer taste buds than we do, but they can still differentiate between sour, bitter, sweet, and spicy. However, their sense of smell is a lot stronger than ours. That means that dogs associate specific tastes with scents. The bitter smell of the apple spray for dogs should be enough to discourage chewing if the owner correctly introduced it to their dog.

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How to use bitter apple spray for dogs?

The bitter apple spray for dogs should be carefully introduced into your dog’s life. It is not enough to spray everything you don’t want them to chew and hope for the best. Here’s how to use it and introduce it to your dog.

1. Introduction

The first time you use the bitter apple spray for dogs, you should spray it on a cotton bowl or a tissue. You should place it directly into your dog’s mouth, but be careful not to allow your dog to swallow it. The bitter taste should cause a specific reaction. The dog should cough, retch, shake its head, or drool. That means the dog hated the taste, and that is precisely the reaction you’re looking for.

2. Test the scent

Once you achieve the disgusted result and reaction from your dog, make sure the dog can still smell it. You want them to associate the bitter taste with the scent and the reaction it caused them. Don’t immediately remove the cotton ball with spray on it.

3. Remove the water

One of the things that will help you get the message across is removing the dog’s water. Prevent them from drinking for 30 minutes. You don’t want your dog realizing they can simply “wash out” the bitter taste from their mouth. Make sure you return the dog’s water and don’t keep it from them longer than 30 minutes. Dogs need to have a constant source of fresh water.

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WORLD DOG FINDER TIP: Before you decide to bring the bitter apple spray for dogs in your dog’s life, talk to your vet. Make sure there aren’t any underlying health issues or problems that will make using this spray unsafe for your pup.

Which bitter apple spray to choose?

As you can imagine, there are different products available on the market. Picking the right one might be tricky. Luckily, World Dog Finder can help you make that choice. We have tried the most popular chewing deterrents, so we can safely recommend these three products;

  1. GRANNICKS Bitter Apple Dog Deterrent
  2. BLUECARE LABS Bitter Apple Spray
  3. FUR GOODNESS SAKE Bitter Apple Spray (this one is made with lemongrass)

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