Why Is My Dog Drinking From the Toilet? Here’s How To Prevent It

Why Is My Dog Drinking From the Toilet? Here’s How To Prevent It

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Do you ever find yourself disgusted by your dog's inexplicable behavior? A typical habit for dogs is taking a sip from the toilet, which can seem pretty odd and disgusting to some people. Dogs, on the other hand, don't think twice about what we consider a bizarre habit.

Why do dogs love toilet water?

Most dogs will drink from the toilet if given a chance. There's no way to know exactly why your dog has taken to liking that particular bowl, but behaviorists say there are a couple of main reasons for it.

Simply because it is there may be a sufficient enough reason for certain nosy dogs, particularly if the water has an appealing scent. If their usual water bowl is empty or the water in it is too warm, dogs may start drinking toilet water. Certain breeds are more selective about the water's temperature and freshness. You can expect your dog to seek out a water source if they don't have access to it.

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Dogs' ancestors were scavengers and were constantly on the lookout for food and water. Some dogs still display the scavenging behavior that their ancestors exhibited. Have you noticed that your dog is drawn to the trash cans? Or that you can't cook anything without their noses being close? Looking for food that you may have left lying around? Scavenging is a significant personality trait for dogs. The toilet bowl, to them, is just another water source.

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The toilet water can be attractive even if they have water in their bowl. Drinking from the toilet can be enticing to certain dogs due to the fresh, cool water it provides. In addition, if someone flushes the toilet, the water is likely to be in motion, which can be incredibly enticing to dogs.

Is it safe for dogs to drink toilet water?

As long as your instincts urge you to stop your dog's behavior when they drink from the toilet, you should listen to them and do what you can to stop the behavior. You should keep your dog from drinking toilet water because it isn't particularly clean.

E. coli and other bacteria can lurk in toilet bowls, so it's best to avoid allowing your dog's tongue anywhere near them. Dogs can become infected with germs, parasites, and other harmful organisms. As a bonus, if your dog drinks from the toilet, they could be swallowing anything you have in your system, including nutrients that may be toxic to dogs.

If your dog is going to drink from a toilet, they might be exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals. Chlorine bleach, sodium hypochlorite, hypochlorite salts, sodium peroxide, and sodium perborate are just a few of these products' toxic compounds. Chemical burns, illness, and even death can ensue from ingesting these substances.

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You should learn the most common poisoning symptoms if your dog developed a liking for toilet water. After cleaning your bathroom, be sure to keep the door closed for the day and go through several flushes. This will help keep cleaning materials out of your dog's paws.

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How to stop the behavior?

It's best to dissuade your dog from doing this as much as possible because toilet drinking might be hazardous. A few things you can do to try and stop the behavior are listed below:

Close it

Ensure everyone lowers the seat and the lid after each use. This will keep your dog from reaching the toilet water. Some tenacious and bright dogs might learn to lift the top, but most cannot. If something as simple as keeping the top down isn't feasible for your household, physical barriers, like baby gates, are excellent options.

Make the dog's water bowl appealing

Once you've made it impossible for your dog to access the toilet, you'll also want to find out why they were drawn to it at all.

Ensure all your pets have access to plenty of fresh, cool water. Having various water bowls around the house can help make your dog's drinking habits more civilized. Give them water in bowls of different materials, like metal, plastic, or ceramic, and at varying heights, and see if that helps. Clean and disinfect the bowls regularly, and change the water a couple of times a day in order to keep it fresh and cool.


A dog water fountain can also be used to replace one of your dog's regular water bowls. Perhaps your dog prefers circulating water. When a dog prefers to drink from a moving water source, these plug-in fountains are a great option.

Here are a few other things you can try;

  • Keep the door to your bathroom locked
  • Keep a supply of fresh, clean, and cool water in several places
  • Keep the toilet bowl as hygienic as possible


Keep in mind that humans and dogs have completely different ideas of what's gross and what is acceptable behavior. Toilet drinking, eating their own poo, or fishing for food scraps in the garbage are just examples of what dogs perceive as normal behavior. Don't be too worried about it, but keep in mind that it can be rather risky, so it is best to prevent your dog from drinking from the toilet.

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