Can I Keep a Puppy’s Breath Fresh?

Can I Keep a Puppy’s Breath Fresh?

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Puppies are adorable; there is nothing much more that can be said about that. They are so cute we could just melt, but there is one phenomenon called “puppy breath,” many puppy owners notice but can’t explain. Mind you, puppy breath is something most dog breeders will notice because it is something that happens very early in the puppy’s life.

What is puppy breath?

The term puppy breath refers to the smell of a puppy’s breath. It is incredibly sweet, which is not something we usually think about when we talk about dog breath. Adult dogs typically have bad breaths, and that is primarily because of the food they eat.

What causes puppy breath?

Puppy owners usually have no idea where puppy breath comes from and why puppies have a sweet scent coming from their mouths. The explanation is actually pretty simple. Puppies have a sweet breath because they still drink their mother’s milk. It has a sweet, fruity scent that is easily recognizable. When puppies drink it, it lingers in their breath.

The second thing that contributes to the puppy breath is the lack of pollutants like plaque and bacteria. Their mouths and teeth are very clean since there was no time for plaque buildup. Plus, bacteria can’t reproduce as fast as they could without plaque, so the puppy’s breath will remain like that until they start eating dry food.

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The last thing that will impact the sweet puppy breath is the lack of dry dog food in their diet. If you are a dog owner, you probably noticed that dog food can have an unappealing smell to humans. Some even say that dogs prefer smellier food. Whatever the case might be, puppies who are still not eating solid food will have a better smelling mouth than those that started eating dry puppy food.

What can cause bad puppy breath?

Like adult dogs or humans, puppies can have bad breath. There are many reasons their breath can stop being so sweet and turn into something we would expect from a dog. However, you should know that puppies or adult dogs should never have rotten, terrible breath. If that happens, they could have liver problems. You can learn all about dog breath here - Dog bad breath - What to do? Here are some of the common things that can cause your puppy to have bad breath;


Puppies that get infected with different diseases or illnesses can have bad breath, especially if that illness causes them to vomit and have an upset gastrointestinal tract. If you take care of that problem, you will take care of the puppy’s bad breath.

Puppy ate something

The primary way puppies explore the world around them is by scratching, watching, listening, licking, and most of all, chewing. Puppies love chewing, and during the teething phase, they will chew on anything they can get their paws on. If a puppy eats something that smells terrible, they can have bad breath. The main issue is - puppies will eat anything from poo to animal carcasses. Make sure you keep an eye on your puppy’s dietary habits.


Believe it or not, teething can cause bad puppy breath. When puppies teeth, they often start bleeding from gums. Pools of blood in their mouths can start causing bad breath, so you should know that proper oral hygiene is important from the start. The sooner you get your puppy used to brushing their teeth, the less trouble you will have later in life.

How long does puppy breath last?

There is nothing we would love more than keeping that sweet smell of puppy breath with us for a long time. Unfortunately, most puppies lose the sweet-smelling breath after a few months. When teething starts, the sweet puppy breath will probably be gone entirely around the third or fourth month. Puppies should have started eating solid food, and that can be a cause for dog-like breath.

Can I keep a puppy’s breath fresh?

The good news is - yes. It might be impossible to keep the sweet puppy breath around for some time, but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t have a pleasant breath. The main thing to do is keep good oral hygiene. If you can’t brush your dog’s teeth regularly (although that would be the best), you can give them dental chews or toys that will keep their teeth clean and fresh.

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