Pocket Pitbull AKA Mini Pitbull: Breed Guide & Info

Pocket Pitbull AKA Mini Pitbull: Breed Guide & Info

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The Pocket Pitbull is a mix of two different dog breeds. Most designer breeds are a result of mixing two pureblooded, registered breeds;

Labradoodle - Labrador Retriever and Poodle

Goldendoodle - Golden Retriever and Poodle

Pomsky - Pomeranian and Husky

Schnoodle - Schnauzer and Poodle

Chiweenie - Chihuahua and Dachshund

The idea behind every one of these designer breeds is clear - people wanted to create a breed that had characteristics of two pureblooded dog breeds. The potential problem with the Pocket Pitbull is that it is a product of crossing two unrecognized breeds.

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How did the Pocket Pitbull come to life?

Like every other hybrid dog breed, the Pocket Pitbull was created by crossing the American Pit Bull Terrier and the less-known Patterdale Terrier. This hybrid breed’s exact origin is unknown, and we might never know how they first came to life.

Patterdale and the American Pit Bull Terriers are breeds that are not recognized by the US cynology body, so to truly understand the Pocket Pitbull, we need to look closely at the two parent breeds.

The Patterdale Terrier is a breed that is not too popular outside the United Kingdom. They were developed in England as versatile hunting dogs that specialized in hunting vermin and foxes. These active little dogs were first mentioned in the 1930s when a breeder named Joe Bowman described them. The idea behind this small breed is to create a dog breed that would pair great with larger Foxhounds and help them hunt foxes.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has a bloody history, and these dogs were used for blood sports such as bull-baiting and dog fights. This breed has strong and vocal support in the United States, and Pit Bull lovers describe them as wonderful, active, family dogs that can get along with everyone. The truth is that these dogs can be overly dominant and intolerant of other dogs, so Pit Bull owners should make sure their dogs are well-socialized and trained.

How big is the Pocket Pitbull?

The term “pocket” can be a bit misleading because these dogs will most likely not fit in your pocket. Pocket Pitbulls are not the biggest dogs out there, but they are also not the smallest. Pocket Pitbulls, or Miniature Pitbulls, as they are often called, can be between 14 - 17 in tall, and they usually weigh between 30 and 50 pounds.

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Pocket Pitbull other names

Hybrid dog breeds can have a large number of names; the only limit is your imagination. Pocket Pitbull is also known by these names;

Miniature Pitbull - Miniature is often a part of a breed’s name, especially if it is a hybrid breed that is the smaller version of the parent breed.

Mini Pitbull - Mini is just a short version of Miniature, so it is pretty clear where the name Mini Pitbull came from.

Teacup Pitbull - Teacup is another “descriptive” part of the name used for hybrid breeds that are smaller versions of the parent breed. The most famous Teacup dogs are Yorkies and Chihuahuas.

Pocket Pit - The “pocket” part of the name refers to the smaller size, and Pit is just short for Pitbull. 

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What is the Pocket Pitbulls character like?

Like with any other designer dog breed, the Pocket Pitbull’s temperament is a mix of their parent breed’s characters. Both Patterdale and APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) are active dog breeds, so it is natural to assume that the Miniature Pitbull is also an active breed.

Most Terrier breeds are brave and curious, and the Pocket Pitbull is no different. These adorable little dogs will explore their surroundings without hesitation and will be eager to meet new friends. They are usually good with other dogs, but like their Pit Bull parent, the Miniature Pit needs early socialization.

These dogs might be small, so you might be surprised how much energy they have. These dogs can physically fit in smaller living spaces, but they would much more prefer living in houses that can provide them yards to explore and play. 

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Are Miniature Pitbulls good with kids?

Miniature (Pocket) Pitbulls are usually great with kids. They fit best with older kids who understand how to treat a dog and interact with them safely. Also, older kids typically have more energy to play with the dog, and the Pocket Pitbull will love that.

The most important thing to remember is to NEVER leave your children with your dog unsupervised. It doesn’t matter what the breed in question is. Things can quickly escalate, and your dog might get too excited and accidentally injure your child.

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Is Pocket Pitbull a healthy breed?

Like any other dog breed, designer dog breeds are prone to specific health problems they can inherit from their parent breeds. APBT are prone to cerebellar abiotrophy, hip and elbow dysplasia, invertebral disc disease, and heart disease. It is natural to expect that some of these potential health concerns can be transferred to the Miniature Pitbull. Exact health concerns are unclear, as it is the case with most designer breeds. Most designer breeds are still pretty young, and many things need to be discovered and studied. 

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Three myths about the Pocket Pitbull

1. Pocket Pitbulls are aggressive.

This is a common misconception about Pit Bulls in general. These are powerful dogs capable of doing significant damage, so when incidents do happen, they are usually pretty bad. 99,99% of Pocket Pitbulls are dominant but not unnecessarily aggressive.

2. Miniature Pitbulls’ brain keeps growing in their skull and they can go insane.

This is another myth that surrounds Pocket Pitbulls and APBT-s. Initially, this myth was directed at Dobermans. There is no scientific evidence that Pitbulls have different brains than other canines.

3. Pocket Pitbulls are stubborn.

The truth is that these dogs have a great working lineage. Both of their parent breeds are decent working breeds, and working breeds are usually easy to train.

pocket pitbull puppy

Where can I get a Pocket Pitbull?

Buying a dog is always a tricky process. Designer or hybrid dog breeds don’t have official clubs and cynology recognitions that could guarantee a puppy’s quality. It is up to you as a buyer to find a responsible breeder that can provide you with a healthy Pocket Pitbull puppy. Ask other Miniature Pitbull owners about their puppies and breeders of their puppies. Ask the breeder as many questions as possible and check out the conditions breeding dogs are living in.

What is the price of a Pocket Pitbull puppy?

Hybrid dog breeds can be more expensive than a pureblooded dog breed, and this is one of those situations. Pureblooded American Pit Bull Terrier can cost about $1.000 if you buy it from a reputable breeder. Pocket Pitbull can be between $1.500 and $2.000.

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